Signed up to Post - Foot Knight Please Fix

Please fix the foot knight charge ability. You are charging with your ARM shielding you. You should not get hit by people attacking. You should not get hit by a Chaos Warrior swinging. You shouldn’t get grabbed by a hook rat. You shouldn’t get pounced on by an Assasin. You shouldn’t get knocked backwards off the map by a Troll. Thanks. Love the game. This makes me rage. Especially when I’m timing charges to counter such abilities.


I don’t think its supposed to give you hyper armor. If they do end up making you invulnerable during his charge then I hope other classes get the same treatment. But as for right now I think it is working as intended.

The ability icon is literally you charging with your shield out. The ability reads charging into enemies and knocking them backwards. We have no other way to get to backline threats other than charging through hordes of enemies. If there happens to be a hookrat in that enemy pack we instantly get gobbled up and swarmed dead.

We are a tank class that has to mitigate as much damage as we can because all we have is melee. If the team cant rely on us being out front taking the brunt of the damage and being able to use out Ultimate ability to aid us then what good are we to the group?

You do knock stuff down, and you can stunlock bosses and give passive damage reduction to everyone. Krubers ability isn’t the only one like this and none of them make you invulnerable. Handmaidens dash, Slayers Leap, Zealots charge. Perhaps they will make you have iframes at some point, idk, but at the moment I have to assume that is how they intended it. Pay attention to what you are charging into and use it wisely. It is a very powerful ability and people use it to stunlock bosses on legendary. Also, you can block during your charge to prevent any incoming damage.

Doesn´t blocking during charge cancel the charge?

Its kinda the same with Handmaiden dash, you can get interrupted by knights and bosses, even if timed well (and f@ckin little rocks and roots-what can i say about this, woodelfs might have some problems with nature, like wtf :smiley: )