Footsoldier charge and downed enemy collision

I started playing foot knight a bit more and noticed a few things that I take a quite big chunk of usefulness from his charge.
First, it basically breaks from Kruber stepping on a sharp pebble. Thats outstandingly annoying if I want to use it for escape/rescue purposes and a slave rat hits me so the charge is instantly cancelled. Trolls get staggered but a skaven can just stop me by poking me with a pointed stick? Cmon. Next thing is that I often find myself in need of a better position to help my teammates before I can charge since I can’t stop it myself. Narrow areas like bridges become a nogo zone due to this and if my teammates are not far away enough I’m unable to rescue their arse because I will just run past them and cant get back because of my last point:
Downed enemy collision. It seems that I cant walk over (alive) skaven and northlanders lying on the ground, hell I cant even jump over them. Why? That makes heavy crowd control less appealing than simply shoving/killing them since downed enemies cant be moved around. They are glued to the ground building an invisible wall of trolling that makes it unable for me to get to the damsel in distress because by Taaaaaal chaaaaaarge over the whole map.
If slaves can interrupt my charge I should be able to cancel it myself to (by pressing the action button again maybe) so the Footsoldier is able to instantly help his teammates without searching for a better position first if metabolism byproducts (oh wow that censorship, better not appall anyone by using bad bad wordies!) hit the fan or outright ignoring his special move, also making his lvl 25 block feat useless (as in not activatable) in many situations. Which is btw the only reason to use this ability in a threatening situation. Without the 10 seconds of unbreakable blocking, charging anywhere that isn’t a save position anyway, will lead to death or simply more trouble for the whole team, so the tanking part of that Footsoldier thing gets kind of redundant before that point.
Same with the collision. If enemies just turn into more diffcult obstacles after being swiped of their feet, there is no sense in doing that.


yeah it is annoying. and it should take an elite hit to interrupt your charge if at all. a slave interrupting it makes it worthless so many times when you would actually need it.

You can by blocking mid dash.

Ah nice, didn’t know that, well nevermind then.