Fix Kruber's Foot Knight Valiant Charge

I have three issues with Kruber’s charge ult

  1. Being hit by an attack in the wind up animation cancels the ult and drains the ult bar

  2. Enemies that are knocked down by valiant charge skip the standing up animation and go straight to being back on there feet when attacked (especially noticeable with chaos warriors :C )

  3. Berserkers/plague monks are not always effected by the knockdown effect (if their immune to the ult make it consistent, if not plz fix)


Yeah it feels shitty playing FK, stopped until this is changed.


I know there are issues with the ult but I want to name 2 things I think are amazing.

  • You can hold block and THEN ult, which lets you block through the whole animation. Doesnt work reliably with charged attacks though, unlike handmaiden dash where you can charge - ult - release attack midanimation.
  • You can ult and cancel with rightclick which throws enemies to the ground but you dont waste time for the animation and keep your positioning. Highly situational - still love it.
    Whatever changes / fixes they are going to do, I hope these 2 points will stay.

Oh i didnt know you could hold block and ult, that would make it less shitty i guess.

Watching chaos warriors popping upright from being on their back looks really stupid and cartoonish.

The same happens with berserkers who get staggered but then take another hit mid stagger and are then magically upright and ready to attack again. Please change this.


Problem with all “channeled” ults - happends with Saltz aswell.

They are only immune in their flaying animation, but that is intented, you cant blockshove them when they do it too.

CW getting up straight after getting knocked down isn’t just a FK thing. All CWs do it no matter how they were knocked down. Hard to notice on anything else, as they just die.

Another thing FS claimed was fixed ages ago while in reality they did bum all.


Yeah, this needs fixing ASAP. Had so many instances of all of this it isn’t even funny.

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It stopped being funny weeks ago. At this point every hour of this only further cements Fatsharks incompetency.


Sometime, an hookrat, has took me while charging…


The truth is that all charge ults deserve to have invincibility during the animation and for a second or 2 after. I understand that you can use block, then ult, but this doesn’t account for specials that can still get you during this time. Slayer Leap, Handmaiden dash, Foot Knight charge, etc. I would say this is the main deficiency of these ults right now, forcing them to be used only defensively because it’s too costly to use them in any other way. This, plus fixing the bug allowing enemies to immediately be back on their feet, would solve the problem.

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I never liked that ult in the slightest, compared to all the other exciting ones. It’s mostly just a shield bash, but if you use it offensively, you can find yourself out of position and flanked really easily. It’s good for charging in to help someone, but just how often does that happen? You can help them with a nuke too anyway.
It really needs a whole lot of love.

The rest of the Foot Knight stuff is great though.

The problem is more present if you’re playing with significant ping. Normally, you should be able to push enemies before thay can damage you. And FS seem to test stuff around 0 ping, so problems like this slip under their radar.

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Well to be fair it is an insane defensive tool with blocking cost no stamina after ult talent. You can ult and directly cancel it and simply hold block and use your stamina to push, while tanking a whole chaos patrol. It is not a huge impact but it does its job.

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yea this is one of my biggest issues with it since it just makes you wonder why you even bothered charging

To add to this, I dislike how you don’t even start moving with the charge for half a second or so. When first using the character, I would sometimes hit my ult button a second time because it seemed like nothing was happening, instantly canceling and wasting it. I really wish the charge would start moving you forward right away. In fact, if you charge while walking, you actually stop moving while the charge slowly builds acceleration. It just feels clunky and unresponsive.


Block before and hold during the ult

I also release block briefly once the ult has done its thing, then immediately reblock and act from there

This controls the charge distance, allows stamina to recharge somewhat from any hits taken and then immediately protect against new incoming; because, as you know, not all enemies will be knocked down

invincibility frames might be a little much, i’d be fine with taking the damage, possibility an immunity to stunning and disabling effects would be nice instead

Was going to make topic, will post here for visibility instead. I try to use the charge during back-to-the-wall moments to escape and frequently get punished by the charge’s non-activation. It will not even apply the giant knockback cone. The charge bugging out and doing nothing, right now, is probably my most frequent cause of getting downed.

I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not.

It does nothing on certain inclines (Athel Yenlui I’m lookin at you) and during hitstun/being damaged on activation.

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