Foot Knight Ult Change suggestion

For a QoL change can you give Foot Knight Block passively while using ult? And maybe full movespeed? It feels bad to have to block, then use ult, then release block, then use block again to control distance. 1) You can easily take damage if you mistime the block release and reblock if using ult in close range. Especially if you have high ping (150+) Basically your ult lands as you release block, enemies get sent flying, then damage hits you anyhow 2) Ult takes a while to cancel after holding it 3) unlike BW who walks at full speed and easily controls exact distance it’s easy to flail about with the ult on FK.

I can understand why the distance isn’t set, nor it the max distance and width displayed when using. It’s not player friendly but it fits. The -95% movespeed penalty likewise feels bad, you haven’t started charging at something yet. But the auto block would just reduce so much free damage that FK eats. Give the 3s damage invulnerability ult a 100% bonus to block cost reduction for 3s so FK can keep the stamina for pushes.

why aren’t u picking the god-mode while ultting talent? its the best one xD

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