Krubers charge going through chaos

So i know that people have made a bunch of post about kruber and his dumb charge, It’s a great ability and i mean it’s amazing but… It has a lot of times where it just doesnt work, I know this post has probably been talked about before as it really should be but im here to talk about it once again because i had a game just then which really annoyed me, So this isn’t the typical my charge didnt do nothing, This is more of just a why moment.

This is a clip of what im talking about, I just want to bring notice to this just so it might be seen more and they might hurry up on fixing it because out of all the abilities in the game, this is probably one of the clunkiest of the lot.

This is probably a montage, FS hasn’t bring us any patches for two months, means there is no bugs anymore


It also probably works as intended, there will be a reddit post about it soon, I am sure.

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I’m confused as to what your expectation was there. Was it to not go over the edge?

The ability has always traveled through enemies.

Not through armored enemies like CW and SV, those are supposed to stop the charge.

As the other person said, the charge should start on impact with armoured enemies, including bosses etc

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