Classical Fatshark problem (FK edition)

The problem is with FK’s ult, let me explain why. His charge was designed to run through waves of common enemies, stun bosses and armored elite. There’s noting wrong with stunning monsters and elite, but never try to get rid of horde with this ult, just terrible idea. Game trailers always shows Kruber pushing around rats and fanatics off the bridges, clearing way for his teammates, but what he realy does in game is just locking himself in the line of stunned enemies. You see, Kruber in fact not pushing folk to the sides, he just stunning them on their place, and when the ult stops Kruber just stays in the pool of liyng enemies. You cannot move (you’re blocked by them), and you shouldn’t push them with your weapon 'couse it will just make them raise from the ground faster (it’s fun when you kinda helping them to stand up by pushin down). I don’t know who could’ve think that this is just a brilliant idea, but FK’s ult is crippled since the release of the game. Once again, good idea - bad execution.


You can Block after the Ultimate to stop you moving. Do it right as you hit the edge of the Horde and it should stop you from getting stuck. Being able to Charge through Hordes is a good thing if you’re stuck.


You know that i wasn’t talking about how to stop my ult, right? The point was in crippled mechanic. And no, you shouldn’t use your charge if you’re surrounded, 'couse you’ll get interupted by every hit in the back. Thank’s for your reply.

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I’ve never had any problems with the mechanics of it. You can just cancel and it will still stun the enemies in front of you.


You still not hearing me. It was designed not only for pushes. It is a charge after all, means you must charge with it (slam your way through the enemy lines). The fact that you can stay alive by using your “charge” as a “push” doesn’t mean that the ult is fine.


The ult is fine though…

Well of course it’s a terrible idea, this ult doesn’t “get rid” of anything, it staggers things. All the things!

So… kill them? His ult is the most powerful knockdown there is, so you have quite a bit of time to kill a bunch of them before they get up. Of course if it’s a big horde you’ll still be super surrounded, so… I’d recommend not charging into the middle of a horde. As @Kitten said, just cut the charge off early so you stagger the horde before you’re buried in it. The knockback carries out in a wave way past where you stop.

Hold down block before/during your charge and you won’t get interrupted.

I play a boatload of foot knight, and his ult is one of my favorites in the entire game. Fair enough if you don’t like it, but calling it crippled and broken makes no sense. What would you change about it?

EDIT: Worth mentioning that lots of other heroes have charges or leaps, most without the impressive knockback… so they all offer this same “weakness”, that charging into the middle of a horde will mean you’re surrounded by horde. Instead of a poorly designed ult I’d just call it a bad gameplay decision.


Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. Usually I cancel it right at I pass the first line of enemies. I mostly use the full charge when I’m trying to get to a teammate or I’m being overrun.

Edit: If there’s anything that makes FK’s ult ‘crippled’, it’s that it get stuck on the first tiny pebble it hits.

It works fine. Like a lot of other ults, it has multiple uses. You can use it for the stun, the charge, or both. You just block-cancel right as you hit the horde, you knock the front ranks all down, and buy space and time for your team.



It seems like none of the people responding have been paying attention to what he is saying or the ingame mechanics. FK’s ult is severely bugged. Everybody I regularly play with knows this.

You can avoid getting the backlash from the bug by block cancelling mid ult, but that doesn’t remedy the actual problem.

Likewise with the behavior of enemies laying on the ground which can stand up instantly.


Thank you

And everyone I play with knows that it is excellent and works just fine. A large chunk of my 600 hours are on foot knight…

As for enemies laying on the ground and then getting up when you push them… I’ll agree that’s pretty wonky, but the solution is simple: don’t push them. Stab them! Regular attacks don’t usually break their getting-up animation.


FK ult is very wonky overall. Strong staggers getting instantly replaced by a weaker stagger should have been solved 10 months ago in general, but what I find worst about the charge is the starting animation which is a big liability and makes the whole thing feel obstipated.

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While it works just fine, I wouldn’t call it excellent, more low tier personally specifically because of the slow windup. That and other charge abilities do not deny you access to attacking.

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve used the FK. Thought I’d give him a whirl… he plays great, depending on your talent choices and traits/properties. There’s a lot you can do with him.

I ended up grabbing the Ex Sword. Crit chance and attack speed 5%. Charm with attack speed 5% and Skaven 10% to get them 1 shots on SV. Took the 100% block rate for the lvl 25 talent. It’s actually very useful… every time a team mate when down, charged in and ress’d him with out taking any damage. I seemed to be able to ress and then charge as well. As in the ress keeps going as I charge away out of damage. All in all, he’s pretty tough and with the Ex Sword, he can pump out a lot of damage. 2/3 games I was top damage delt until a Zealot showed up XD I’m sure there’s better builds for him, but even with this, it worked great.

I didn’t experience any issues with the charge besides the obvious getting caught on rocks. Which I’m well aware of as it happens a lot when I play HM. All in all, I’d say the class is pretty solid and plays well.

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what do you mean by this

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Can’t charge up an attack during the charge, or dish out any attack for that matter

Doesn’t that also occur for the Zealot?

Moreover, aren’t those the only two careers who have a high-movement ability with a 100% guarantee of interrupting any attack (Foot Knight and Zealot)? Don’t all of the other movement abilities only stagger as opposed to knock prone?

Bardin’s leap certainly can’t interrupt a Chaos Warrior during their powerful attacks and Handmaiden can’t interrupt practically anything. If they do, they stagger, not knock down, right?

Nay, you can charge attacks during the movement speed.
Though as I said my opinion is that knight has a low tier ability, I’m not stating it as fact. But it does take away control momentarily which I dislike. :>

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… yes you can? I do this all the time with the xsword, start charging the overhead > charge > hit some poor soul in the face with charge and downswing at the same time.

Because of the timing I do start the heavy before the charge, but I’m fairly certain I’ve started it later as well.

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