Can we please take a second, detailed look at Kruber?

I played him in VT1 and main him in VT2 as well. I still like him a lot, but I definitely don’t play him as much as I used to because he just doesn’t have the same amount of control or fluidity as the other classes. Every time I play him, I find myself saying “that wouldn’t have happened if I were X character instead”. Arbitrary limitations kill him for me.

Example: You play Elf, charge up a longbow shot, fire, and then hit Q immediately after firing to block the things attacking you. The weapon transition is seamless, and you are able to defend yourself due to the responsive controls.

You play Huntsman Kruber and do the same thing with his bow, and after the shot, you’re sitting there mashing Q to swap weapons but there’s a hard locktime in which you can’t swap for at least one second after taking any shot with his bow, even if it’s uncharged. Elf doesn’t have this problem, so if I want to use a bow I play Kerillian because I don’t like eating damage because of an arbitrary limitation. Kruber’s bow also renders him immobile if charged for too long. This is taking control away from the player, and it feels terrible.

You play Foot Knight Kruber, and his ultimate charge has a 1 second windup. If you get hit during that windup, the charge is cancelled in its entirety- you don’t go forward, you dont knock people over, and you lose control of your character for a second and have most likely eaten other unnecessary hits because of this loss of control. Conversely, Kerillian’s Handmaiden dash has zero windup and the transition from point A to B is much faster as well. You can argue that it’s this way to promote skillful usage of his charge, but the fact of the matter is that FK’s charge is the only skill in the game that can outright fail in this manner. If I want to play a tank, I’d much prefer to play Ironbreaker. “Do I want the passive that gives me a 5% dmg resist aura that has a range of 5 ft (why even bother lmfao), or a self-invincibility for one attack no matter what, that refreshes every 13 seconds?” “Do I want an ult that just works or one that sometimes doesn’t?” It’s a no brainer. Bardin’s IB is just the better tank.

I decided to use Kruber’s shield weapons, and the mace+shield combo doesn’t have anything that does more than 200 dmg to armor… a lot of help that is, when on champion and legend, you’re hitting armor very frequently. Sword+Shield isn’t much better, and is the only shield weapon in the game that doesn’t block 180 degrees. All shield weapons, in addition to the attack speed penalty for using a shield, slow both Kruber’s and Bardin’s movement speeds down as they swing. The weapons themselves also have shorter than average range. All of those factors combined makes them very, very frustrating to use, and are the primary reasons as to why their pick rate is so low on higher difficulties.

The halberd is a very good weapon, but personally I hate using it. It’s like the weapon itself has bipolar disorder- the first swing is fun, then the second one isn’t, then the third kind of is. One of the best ways to use it is to swing once and block cancel so you keep getting that first swing over and over because the 2nd attack doesn’t have armor penetration or CC, and the 3rd doesn’t CC and you have to use the 2nd to get to it. And once again, halberd slows your move speed as you’re swinging. Meanwhile, the glaive also has a sweeping, Armor Piercing first attack, that is followed up by a 2nd sweeping AP attack, and ends with a third diagonal AP cut that hits heads nicely. On top of this, glaive’s charge deals immense AP damage and none of the attacks slow you considerably. What standard are we using to balance weapons here? Where did it fly off to?

I could keep going on and on with a weapon-by-weapon analysis, but the main point i’m trying to get to is this: Kruber only has 2 melee weapons that don’t limit your control over him. Interestingly, both of them are used by other characters: Victor shares the 2H sword (which is useless on high difficulties because no armor pen) and Bardin’s 1H Hammer, which is more or less the same as the mace in terms of functionality.

A lot of his weapons also have a higher degree of movespeed slowness on charge attacks instead of the regular charge-slowness everyone else enjoys for the most part. The only weapon in his arsenal that deserves this extra-slow movespeed is the 2H hammer, because it is very destructive against hordes. Even then, the 2H hammer is one of two weapons kruber has that move him forward as he swings, so that move speed slowness is counter-balanced by the small dash forward on the heavies.

Kruber’s a mess, from his weapons down to his classes and talents. Does this mean he’s bad? No, of course not, but it also doesn’t mean that he’s as efficient or as fun as the other classes. All of his classes have auras, which indicate he has the ability to support and lead his team as fits with his character. However, a character based around a mechanic that is negligible (lol auras :joy:) isn’t on a fair playing field compared to other characters. He is, by far, the one character in Vermintide 2 who needs the most love.


I have to agree with all of this. I play HS a lot and it is painful to not be able to block.

Even as FK, the ‘tank’, you’re actually far less tanky than other characters. Slayer, Zealot, Handmaiden, IB even shade all have things that make them supremely tanky - either zero/low damage talents, or enough dodge to never get hit at all. Kruber has a little bit of damage reduction, and some extra health, that’s it. If you use halberd or exe sword, you WILL take hits because the name of the game is dodge, and Kruber has none.

Merc is also in a really wierd spot, has some +power and +attack, but again has no extra dodge, and has no damage reduction to speak of to keep him alive as a melee.

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Interesting view, but I can’t say I agree. He seems one of the strongest characters in the game, tbh. His aura gives more than 5% damage reduction, btw; there’s just a talent that increases it by 5% more. I think the base is 15% damage reduction. Also, with his talents and a health trinket, he can have well over 200 health, which is pretty damn high. With his control and damage reduction, he has always felt extremely tanky to me. Yeah, he’s not a dodging machine, but he’s not supposed to be. Neither is Ironbreaker most of the time.

His charge does have that slight wind-up, but I think it’s for balance; his charge is by far the most powerful and useful charge in the game. It can stun bosses regularly, it can get him out of a tight spot, let him save allies, stun the entire front-line of a horde . . . It is very, very strong. Stronger, I think, than IB Bardin’s taunt, that is far more situational and requires your team to take advantage of it to get much benefit without just getting yourself killed. I’m not saying the taunt is bad; it’s just riskier and less useful than Kruber’s charge.

If you want to do more mobility tanking with Kruber, you can take a one-handed mace, which is actually a pretty decent weapon; the charged attack has such a fast charge speed and comes from overhead, which means it can easily headshot armored enemies. It also has one of the best push attacks in the game.

Of course, all shield weapons for him do need some serious love . . . No argument from me there!

The huge lag before being able to block with the bow is a real pain in the butt that needs to be fixed. The rest of his ranged weapons are pretty good, though. Blunderbuss and Handgun in particular are quite strong. Even the repeater handgun can be used decently now, especially if you’re just not confident in your aim on agile targets.


The point of an aura in any game is to be AoE. The aura’s effect itself is fine, but since the range is so incredibly small, it won’t ever kick in for other players when they need it most. It’s almost pointless to have in the first place. So basically, you end up comparing 15-20% dmg resist at all times on yourself to complete immunity to one hit every 13 seconds. I am very thorough with checking behind myself, so I can sometimes go through legend games on IB without taking more than 3 or 4 non-special hits that actually deal damage. Meanwhile, FKruber with the same weapon as IB will have me using one or two health items that the team could otherwise take for themselves.

For the charge, I don’t think it’s the universal best of its type in the game. They all do different things: Handmaiden’s is to get in or get away, Zealot’s has a nice ASPD boost, and Slayer’s leap has attack and move speed boosts. What does Kruber charge bring to the table? You can knock a chaos warrior or 1-2 stormvermin over, you can charge through a crowd of mooks, you can charge through a crowd of mooks to save somebody. You can knock people out of a chaos spawn’s grab, and in very rare circumstances you can knock bosses out of the map (whether they stay out of the map is completely up to the game, infuriatingly enough). Kruber’s charge is fine when it works, but literally, undeniably useless when it doesn’t. I’ve lost games because I needed a charge to get to a teammate or fix a situation, and then a lone slave hit singlehandedly throws the match. It’s not fun, and that’s what people are playing games for- Fun.

If Pyromancer can have such a strong F that clears overcharge entirely while killing chaos warriors and generating in 8 secs with beam staff, and if Shade can chunk bosses for 20-30% of their HP per use, I think Kruber’s FK charge can AT LEAST be uninterruptible. This 6 foot tall mountain of a man clad in thick steel platemail lowers his shoulder to football tackle thirty dudes over, some bigger than he is, but if one pissant spear nicks his arm he suddenly loses all momentum instantly? What? WHAT?


All the auras suffer from the limited area, though especially in hordes groups do tend stay closer together. I think it would be a good QoL change to give them at least a bit more distance.

You list yourself a LOT of uses for it, but don’t forget that you don’t have to go through mooks for it to be useful; canceling the charge at the front of a horde can give you a great way to regain control if things are getting out of hand - it works very well with his sweeping weapons like halberd, xsword, and hammer. With a conc pot he can chain-stun bosses, as well - yeah, the flaming skull IS better at dealing with bosses, but it is really an outlier in terms of cooldown to value. It can also flatten multiple Chaos Warriors if they are clumped close together.

But anyway; none of the other charge moves have THIS much application. I think only Handmaiden’s Dash comes close, due to it being able to make her invisible and pass through enemies, or use to cheese some jumping puzzles. Though, if we’re counting talents, then Kruber’s got yet another great option, which is to become a killing machine with 25% bonus power, or to gain infinite stamina for blocking for ten seconds . . . which basically makes his ult a more mobile version of IB’s taunt.

I agree it’d be really nice for it to be uninterruptible. I’ve never had THAT much of a problem with it getting interrupted (it has happened, of course. I think it’s not a tool meant to be used while surrounded, however, and it might be TOO useful if it was.

EDIT: Oh, let’s not forget how great it is for saving allies from Packmasters or Assassins. One of the few reliable ways to save a hooked ally in an enemy horde.

I’ve played a whole lot of FK ever since i hit 12 on Kruber, and while i’ve used the charge for all of those situations, i’ve never really thought of how general-use it is. It does have a LOT of applications, which is good. But another thing we have to consider is, there are two key areas in every team composition that have to be addressed in order to complete any mission. You’re always going to need people who have crowd control, which FK can do. Then you need raw damage for bosses, else you’re going to catch waves while getting your face beat in by spawn or trolls. FK doesn’t bring that DPS (nor is he expected to). That DPS becomes more and more important the higher the difficulty gets. For a class to be overpowered in this game, typically it has to have both extreme crowd control and very high DPS for bosses, like both of the women’s most popular classes have. Even if you gave the charge immunity to interruption, FK still can’t singlehandedly carry a game like they can. All making the charge uninterruptible would be doing is further bolstering FK’s position of “Protector / Savior” within the party, by making his ability more reliable instead of a “maybe”.

I feel as though we’re starting to lose track of the main issue though- Whether or not the charge needs a buff is obviously up for debate, but his weapons are mind-numbingly slow, sometimes bugged, and often invite him to receive unnecessary damage. In addition, the aura range being so low hurts his classes moreso than any other characters’. Some of his talents straight up do not work (merc’s cleave passive being one of them) and his ranged weapons, while fine, are not as good as drakefires, elf longbow, or sienna’s staves. Based on how many people have the steam achievements for hitting lvl 30 with a character, we can infer that Kruber is the bottom of the barrel in terms of pickrate thanks to the least amount of people owning his lvl 30 achievement. This is likely because he doesn’t do anything exceptionally well- you have to fight with his halberd to have his best melee weapon, and this is a range-dominated game so even the best melee isn’t going to compare to the best ranged weapon. There are many little things about him that add up to drag him down as a whole.

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Yeah, I see your point, though part of the issue may just be that he’s not as exciting or flashy as some other characters being the kind of “baseline person”.

For boss damage, though, XSword is one of the absolute best melee weapons for dealing damage to bosses - though like you said it does lack speed (and in general it is better to used ranged on bosses than melee). I think when one-handed weapons get buffed (which many need in general, especially his sword), he’ll have more of a mobile option. His mace is good for this, though, having good control while retaining mobility and defense and some anti-armor potential, but it does have its wonky attack set that really REQUIRES block-cancelling to be effective.

One thing I’ve been meaning to test is how the repeater handgun fares against bosses since it got buffed. Have you given that a shot?

I haven’t tried the repeater on the huntsman since I don’t care for the huntsman much, but as a sidearm for FK / Merc it doesn’t do a whole lot unless you’ve STR potted and / or are scoring consistent headshots. As much as you have the instinct to just unload with a right click barrage, it’s better to slowly left click on heads instead. And as you can imagine, if the boss is armored there’s very little point in bothering.

I’d say that its boss DPS and economy are somewhere between the blunderbuss and handgun. Individual shots definitely aren’t great, but they add up due to mag size and general ammo capacity.

I’m of the impression that Kruber has the most balanced careers of all heroes, as someone who plays both merc and huntsman with the least experience as foot knight.

I rarely find that I think I could’ve solved certain problems by playing another career fact, it goes the other way around.

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sooooo… you want to have the raw power of kruber’s bow, with the elf’s speed as well?

well i like playing the elf because she’s real quick, i think her bow should also be able to one shot almost all specials and any stormvermin, and also stunlock and kill chaos warriors in 3 shots. lets buff everything!

elf’s dash should also be able to stunlock bosses with a purple pot and push them over cliffs! also, krubers dash should also be able to KILL entire hordes by zipping through them in quick succession. the ironbreaker’s ability should also be able to stunlock bosses, dash through anything, and make the dwarf invisible for 3 seconds, as well as block anything for 15 seconds without a cost!!!

the glaive should also have it’s range and speed increased to match the halberd. it’s also unfair that the glaive has a heavy strike lock-in, we should totally be able to block cancel at any time during the animation!

ok i could go on and on but i hope you get the point. the point of my sarcasm is that you are not weighing the pros and cons of each weapon or skill fairly. you’re comparing X ability with X ability and not taking into consideration all other factors which balance them out. the only thing i sorta agree with you on is the 2h swords.

for example: you are comparing kruber’s halberd with the elf’s glaive. they’re on totally different classes - the elf does not have the range weapon/talent choices of kruber and vice versa. imagine 2 chaos warriors advancing in a horde - the elf has her glaive and longbow, kruber has halberd and a handgun. if you take away the range options and talk about just meleeing things, sure, maybe you could argue that either one is of better use, but in a real fight the kruber has the option to just sit back and blow the chaos warriors heads off, then rejoin the elf in melee.

your post is about individual weapons/skills which doesn’t take into account all other factors which affect balance. i honestly think you need the weigh the pros and cons more carefully.

I think you’ve missed the point of what i’m trying to say. I dont want kruber to have a glaive, I was just giving a comparison of the glaive and how it is a very strong weapon for a dps class that is very easy and nice to use, compared to the halberd which isn’t as strong and is a chore to use effectively due to the abnormal methods required to wield it “properly”. Same with the bow, I never said anything about wanting it to be faster, i’m just putting things in perspective by weighing it against the closest other ranged weapon in its class. I’m pointing out that the glitch is there and how it mars huntsman, the only kruber career that can use bows, accordingly.

All I want is for kruber to have more weapons that aren’t a chore to use, that don’t make you super-slow-walk towards enemies or make you take damage for no reason. Am I saying to let him float through hordes at 100% mobility while swinging huge swords all over the place? No. All i’m saying is some of his weapons are overtuned and probably need to be looked at (shields, 2h sword), and some of them could do with some quality of life changes in one way or another (fixing weapon swap on his bow, finding a compromise for halberd cancelling, etc). And I will stand by the fact that auras have a ridiculously short range, and that his merc cleave still doesn’t do anything. All of these little things are adding up, so if just some of them get fixed then the rest of his negatives can simply be tradeoffs as with any other class, so he doesn’t become braindead as he would’ve if you were to have buffed everything.


This is my personal experience from playing Kruber on legend. Atm I’m level 30 (+60).

Foot Knight is amazing utility and control. YOU ARE NOT A TANK! You are pure CC. Best setup for him that I use is 2H mace with max attack speed (+15%). With that you handle hordes with ease and if things get heavy you have charge or blocking until it blows to get uninteruptable attacks for 5 seconds. Mainly you stick to your team and watch the main DPS classes backs and handle anything that comes to near.

Huntsman is the strongest anti-armor ranged class in the game. Making easy work of any armor classes and hordes aslong as they are not to spread out. However this is all under one condition. That your team does not have a Waystalker Elf with you. If you have. The Waystalker should be able to kill most things before you. Simply because she is so much faster than you.

And lastly the Mercenary. (And this is where some of you if not most of you will disagree with me).
The Mercenary is the most powerful melee class in the game. He has easy ways of getting 30% power bonus which makes him a serious force to be reckoned with. Easy to clear hordes, easy to kill armored and specials. A good CC ulti to allow for a moment to catch your breath. My current setup is using the big sword (not the normal 2hander) with attack speed and crit.

With all this said compared to the other characters Kruber is still the “weakest” of them all.
Mainly because and Ironbreaker deals alot more dmg and is a better tank than Foot Knight. The Waystalker is way better allround ranged DPS over the Huntsman. However I do feeling that when played correctly the Mercenary truly outshines any other melee (that includes the Slayer). However to use a Mercenary properly you need to have him in a proper setup. For example: using Mercenary with a Waystalker, Pyromancer and Bounty Hunter is a waste of time since you won’t be killing anything if the others are doing their job.


  • Merc’s ult should have been on FK and vice versa
  • Improve kruber’s ranged versatility overall by slight buffs to blunderbuss and repeater + bit more ammo
  • Either improve the value of hunt ult or lower the cd. It would be more fun if you lowered the CD, because the problem right now is it’s unfun and frustrating debating when to use it
  • Either improve the potency/versatility of Morale Boost or reduce the temp health granted dramatically and make it more spammable. It would be ideal if, instead of temp health, it granted the party a short period of damage immunity. This would better synergize with the rez on ult talent and it would help it compete a bit more with IB’s ult. 3-4 seconds would be appropriate given the actual value it would give to rez-ult.

First, lemme seriously harp on how dumb it is that FK has the charge and not merc. The class where half its kit is the team aura… where he needs to be extremely close to the team for it to work… gets the spammable, high mobility, cc-the-frontline-back ability and the melee DPS class gets the tank support ult. Terrible synergy. If Merc had charge and FK had Morale Boost, both classes would be wwwaaaaaaaayyy more fun and valuable, on par with other characters.

I mained Kruber in V1 and the issue in V2 is that he’s just not fun. A lot of this is due to the fact that two of his classes have babysitting mechanics built into them and hunstman has random irritating quirks. This is all because:

Footknight is mostly unnecessary babysitting. Most exciting thing you might do is charge a boss off a cliff but the rest of the time you’re just CC + aura, trying to watch other ppl’s backs… which is often wasted by the fact that a DPS heavy (ie. ideal) comp will have everything dead before you’re even needed. (IB doesn’t suffer the same way due to having better ranged options at his disposal). If you are needed, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have been needed if a more versatile character/class was in Kruber’s place. The one fun thing it’s got going for it is that you can basically use the ult indiscriminately w/e you feel like it, safe in the knowledge it will be ready again when you need it. Fk would be fun, versatile, and balanced if it had Morale Boost instead of charge though and, like merc, had a more versatile ranged option.

Merc can do top tier DPS if they’re hyper aggressive and stay a slightly unhealthy distance ahead of the group at all times… but his Ult is a babysitting ult. It’s good… but it’s one you have to responsibly sit on and use when you’re gonna get the actual value of the temp health and aoe stun out of it. For comparison, IB’s ult you only have to be a little responsible with in that since it’s preventing damage instead of granting temp health, you can always use it with perfect efficiency as soon as anyone starts taking hits. You save them, prevent all team damage for 10-15 seconds, and free the entire party up to zerg everything in sight for the duration. Merc’s ult has a comparable cd but nowhere near the value. The revive on ult talent is extremely overrated in that the Kruber shouldn’t be waiting for people to die to pop the ult that stuns everything and restores temp health. Also, because it can/does get ppl permakilled who otherwise wouldn’t have been ie. teammate is downed by a SV, 2nd SV is winding up on em, Kruber pops ult (maybe not even intentionally to raise the person, they may have just been trying to save them before being downed), player is res’d then instantly KO’d by the 2nd swing. No matter how tight you play with it, for every time it works flawlessly (ie. the times where it would have probably been just as effective to manually kill/push stuff and res), there will be just as many times were it only hurts the situation. Anyways, just in general his ult almost never gets a full value return. Merc, with all his up-close-and-personal kit, would be vastly more fun and have better synergy if he had fk’s charge instead of morale boost.

Huntsman is ok but as OP stated, it has its issues. I routinely see best-as-can-be huntsman take unnecessary damage/downs through no fault of their own. He also suffers from a case of an ult requiring frustratingly strategic use due to a cd that’s slow enough you can’t be confident it’ll be back up again when you really need it. I find this to be the most damning thing about the class. It almost never feels right to use the ult except during bosses or extreme situations with multiple CW. Even then, unless you’re vocally running the handgun exploit you’re not going to be carrying a conc pot and you’re gonna use your ult one time during the boss fight. Combine this with the fact its benefits aren’t instantaneous and it’s just frustrating. The hunstman CD should be shorter. Other classes don’t have this problem at all. Pyro? Burn away. Unchained? Unleash hell w/e you feel like it. WS? Pew pew to your heart’s content. Shade? Assassinate all the things. BH? Holy Sigmar! Slayer? Seek your doom, dawi. Huntsman is the only purely DPS oriented class that can’t take full advantage of his ult like other classes, who can either use it at will (Shade, BH, Slayer, Unchained) or should basically use it immediately almost every single time it’s ready (WS, Pyro) with the exception of a few specific parts of certain levels where a brief delay is prudent . Huntsman’s ult just does not do enough to warrant such a bs cd.

Long story short: Give Kruber better ranged versatility in general by buffing both blunderbuss and repeater handgun and giving him a bit more ammo, improve the value/consistency of Merc/Hunt ults, and switch merc and fk ult.

The below average ult value is what kills Kruber for me. It makes him annoying to play and he just doesn’t have the ranged diversity to grant him the versatility he needs to stay universally fun in all situations. He’s the only character without a really fun, universal ranged option and his ranged class is infuriating, despite its strengths. Overall, compared to other characters, he plays like a bag of hammers right now no matter how effective one’s performance is.




a waystalker elf is kinda slow ranged dps compared to the huntsman, who can snipe things with the handgun really really fast. she’s can do constant dps, but if we’re talking about killing a leech that’s teleported into your party or a blightstormer far away, no one can do it as fast as kruber can. (packmasters not included since they need 2 shots though, elf would be faster killing that)

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Yeah, no. Not sure what bogeyed Waystalkers you have played with since they are alot faster and more efficent killers than a Huntsman. I have never bested my friend as a Huntsman when he plays Waystalker. Although I do win against “randoms” most of the time. Nevertheless… From my experience with a good Waystalker. You don’t need a Huntsman.

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well i’ve played both waystalker and huntsman extensively and the fact is… the waystalker just cannot output the same amount of damage a bullet from the handgun can, in that short period of time. in the example i gave, it’s literally impossible for the waystalker to kill a special faster than a handgun, if both classes aimed at the target and shot at the same time. when a leech ports into the party, the waystalker just can’t kill him as fast as a shotgun/volley/handgun can.

what exactly are you running and how are you playing with your friend? when a special comes into view, he needs 2 shots on legend or one to the head to kill it, while you can literally just point and click anywhere on the body unless you’re not specced properly, and there’s no projectile travel time at all. unless it’s a packmaster (can’t kill a packmaster in one shot unless it’s a headshot)

also, now that handguns have been buffed - shieldvermins are yours alone to kill!

when i run huntsman, i’m doing all the special hunting normally, no waystalkers can keep up.

in response to you last statement, from my experience… you don’t need any specific class to win actually, just good players, since the core game is grasp of mechanics.

I had to switch to Handmaiden to get the experience I originally wanted with Kruber. The 2H sword and Executioner Sword both slow you down far too much when blocking and the dodge is so low (especially compared to HM, who, even wielding the 2H sword, can dodge all over the place and block-run at nearly full speed) that I had enough trouble dodging e.g the Chaos Spawn’s grab attack, that I decided to just give up with that build.

The lack of mobility (i.e movement while swinging, dodging, blocking) in nearly all of Kruber’s setups (apart from maybe 1H sword and 1H mace, possibly others) is crippling.

A large amount of Kruber’s weapons are basically useless above low difficulties because of their mobility and AP issues. A lot of Kerillian’s weapons are usable in champion and above.

So basically I want to play 2H sword Kruber and the best way to get that experience is by playing HM Kerillian.

The lack of people playing anything other than Halberd Kruber (and only using the first of its 3 non-charged attacks because the animation sequence, like Kerillian’s 1H sword and the flame sword, with a single target attack in there where you will just get hit by the other mobs you are fighting, is no good for general use) should be evidence enough.


i think you’ve been missing out on all the many threads that people complain about how the glaive is the only viable weapon on higher difficulties lol

but yea i kinda agree, half the weapons on kruber i can’t say are very fun to use compared to the rest. i think the 1h sword needs buffing for both elf and kruber at least.

The glaive is strong in all areas. You can use her other weapons but you are hindering yourself compared to the glaive. Show up with Kruber and a mace and shield on champion or above…you are pretty much screwed unless you bring a handgun (which loses you like 100 kills already and someone else is gonna have to make those instead) or longbow where you probably don’t want to be bringing a shield weapon anyway.

well not true on a shade. dual weapons still rock for her more than glaive imo. but i haven’t found a niche for light weapons on a build for any of kruber’s classes yet, altho i haven’t done much research into that yet.

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