Please Give Kruber More Repeater Ammo (and Balance his Ranged Presence in General)

I love Kruber but find he lacks balance when it comes to ranged presence and I feel obligated to really save my ammo. This wasn’t so much of an issue in VT1 and to this day, he’s still a competent fighter in close or at range there. He’s also the only character in VT2 without a reliable means of preserving/generating ammo, except hunter head shots… But you give up a lot to play as hunter where other characters don’t have to sacrifice for ranged sustainability. What’s worse, he’s not even the best CQC character, regardless of class, so he overall feels underwhelming compared to everyone else and overall unbalanced.

Truthfully, all of his ranged options feel wrong compared to how they did/do in VT1.

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Giving the repeater armour piercing again like in V1 would be a good start.


I feel like they were scared of recreating the minigun situation but they erred way too far on the side of caution here, considering unloading your full nut on a boss with a strength pot on in VT2 barely makes a dent compared to what other characters can do normally.

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