Kruber charge attack wont work sometimes and (mace and sword need nerf)

Issue Summary:
took hits for no reason when you make normal attacks and try follow up with charge attack, game some reason does not register that attack and weapon goes stand by space

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Mace and Sword :Block attack need nerf clearly it is now one of the best (OP) weapons when you use 6-7 stamina shields +30% talent +40% stamina regen… in horde attacks etc it clears like a bomb wild area cannot interrupt because its too fast. spamm: block attack 6-9 times, charged hit, and start spamming again

I was wondering if it was latency, I did notice what I thought was ghosting when attacking. Why it’d get stabbed for no reason during attack combinations. Nice to see I am not the only one noticed odd incoming hits.

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