Kruber shield and sword first heavy attack don't activate paced strikes

Issue Summary:
Kruber shield and sword first heavy attack, which is shield bash, don’t activate paced strikes even you hit way more than 3 enemies.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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Its aoe attack, like flame sword scratch (infinite cleave etc), its not counting as normal attack, but yeah its a bug

Yeah, it hits them all at the same time, thus cannot count more than one hit.

This one does not count as attack? Its count as stagger (same as push)?

Hm. Thats wierd. It gives tHP on both stagger and cleave. All my life I was sure that this was not an attack, but a stagger. But it procs Swift Slaying.

Btw. Another wierd thing. If this “attack” actually kills an enemy, it wont give you tHP on stagger.

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