Shield and Axe heavy attack pattern

Issue Summary:
Not sure if intended but when performing heavy attacks consecutively only the second and third attack are repeated. Meaning the first (shield bash) is performed only once unless I block or wait a bit between attacks. Not even mixing in light attacks help.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Keep doing heavy attacks without pause

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

It’s probably intended, but it makes the bash a bit awkward to use (to me, at least). I know block-canceling exists, but especially with heavy attack it’s not exactly easy to perform, and as you can’t chain into the bash from other attacks, the weapon has lost some versatility with this.

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not exactly sure what you mean - it’s just part of the weapon attack chain.

Heavy 1 - shield slam
Heavy 1 into Heavy 2 -> shield slam and heavy chop

Light 1 into Heavy 1 -> light chop into heavy chop

Light 1 into Heavy 1 into Heavy 2 -> light chop into heavy chop into heavy chop (I think)

If you want to keep doing the shield bash it’s gotta be heavy melee 1, block to reset chain, heavy melee 1, repeat repeat repeat

Keep doing Heavy attacks and you’ll notice that Heavy 1 (that slam) never again comes up unless you block or wait a bit between attacks to reset itself. This is the only shield weapon that does it.

I’d prefer to have a repeating heavy slam -> heavy sweep -> heavy slam.
I don’t care much about the heavy chops since they’re slow to fire off and don’t do that much more damage when it comes to unarmored enemies.

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We did ask the game designers, but no word yet (they’re super busy with all kinds of stuff at the moment)