Attack loops customisation

After playing with the sword and shield a bit (Just using this weapon as an example) I’ve thought a bit about the heavy sweep attack and how it’s almost never used because it comes after the heavy stab attack. After doing a push and a shield slam against a horde, I would want to have the heavy sweep attack come after, but no, instead you have to first do the heavy stab attack which is risky when surrounded by enemies, and only then do the heayv sweep which made me wonder why on Earth do we not have a system to allow us to customise the order of the light/heavy attack loops as well as the starting point of which light/heavy we want after we perform a push attack?

While in the menu selecting a weapon, my suggestion is allowing us to order the loop of attacks, say normally a heavy attack loop for sword and shield is Heavy Slam, Heavy Stab, Heavy Sweep, repeat. With this system in place we could perhaps customise to make it so it’s Heavy Slam, Heavy Sweep and then Heavy Stab (or any other possible order), which would make it a lot more solid for cc: Push + Slam + Sweep, while on the other hand allowing us to customise the starting point of which attack to begin with from the loop we set after we perform a push attack, say I want to set the heavy stab to happen after a push attack (it already is, but if it weren’t, you could do that), which would end up being: push attack + heavy stab + slam (an even better combo against elites).

Honestly I’m surprised we don’t have a system like that in place yet.

Claude Alpha

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