Unable to interrupt Kruber's spear and shield first heavy and light swing with a block

I wanted to report this because it looks odd.
You can interrupt any animation at any time on any weapon, including Kruber’s spear and shield attacks, save for both the first heavy and the first light attacks’ animations.
In those two cases specifically you have to wait for the end of the animation to be able to do anything else.
Is this intended?

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Yeah this weapon look so bulky
I prefer Elf Spear & Shield

I do not know if its intended or not in this case but there are a number of weapons where you cant interrupt the animations post some point.

Some weapons can be interrupted at any time, others can’t after a certain wind-up.
Kruber’s S&S sweeps are uninterrutible, even before that “certain wind-up”.
I do not know whether that is intentional, but I can’t think of any other weapon behaving that way.


Mye as said above and for me personally its a deal breaker since I’m simply taking constantly hits that I would not with any other weapon and heck sometimes even dying.
I really don’t think the weapon would be massively op or anything if the light/heavy could be cancelled easier.

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The first light is the wide sweep right? I thought that could be interrupted but maybe I’m not focusing on the right timing. Have definitely eaten some hits thanks to that first heavy lack of cancel though. I think it must be intended, it kind of makes sense when you think about the windup of the weapon and whatnot.

yes, actually both the first light attack and the first heavy attack in their respective sequences are wide sweeps, and they are both non-interruptible until the end of the animation

Yes, I saw that you can’t always block after a certain time into the swing, but never from the beginning.
Think of kruber’s halberd, or his bretonnian sword: you can use block cancel on both their first light sweeps to make them attack faster and efficiently deal with hordes…
It just looks odd to me to negate a mechanic that works on practically every other weapon

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