Kruber - Melee - Mace and Sword - Animation - Heavy Attack

I keep felt that its animation of heavy attacks are somethings a bit off.

And I think it’s because of both arms are starts move in same time. Well, at least it does looks like to me, and it’s awkward.

So, I think it would be feels/looks more better/natural if the arm that place behind than the other one starts to move later than the front one.


  • Heavy 1: Mace; right arm/hand starts to swing a bit later than sword; left arm/hand.
  • Heavy 2 Sword: left arm/hand starts to swing a bit later than mace; right arm/hand.

yeah the animations for the heavies definitely look a little off

2nd edit: now that I think about it, don’t the dual hammers have similar animations? they don’t look too off putting on that weapon, or dual axes for that matter


Yes, its 2nd and 3rd heavy attack are does. And it has a same problem with Kruber’s.

And I feel Dual Hammers’ light attack patterns are not so well matching with “dual” weapon.

Its all light attacks are only passing through almost same diagonal angles that leans to right. And it has only 3 light attack chain:

  • Light Attack 1 - Right Arm: Starts to move from the up-right to down-left. Near horizontal.
  • Light Attack 2 - Left Arm: Starts to move from the down-left to up-right. Diagonal.
  • Light Attack 3 - Left Arm: Starts to move from the up-left to down-right. Diagonal.
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