About Animations: Horizontal Swings

First off, I know it’s a game and so on. But I think “looks natural” is also important.

  • So, one handed weapons that has a horizontal or close to horizontal swings: It better be start from the left side. If you can’t believe, try it with heavy and long enough stuff (at least 500 g). Horizontal swing is way more easier and feels more comfortable when it’s starts from your left side. Well, it would a right side if you are a left-hander.

    • Or swing like a Elven Spear and Shield’s sweep: Which is hitting with the back edge. So, it is should be a double edged weapon.
  • Now, two handed weapons: I would say the Elven Great Sword has a best animations in 1st person view. In 3rd person; Kruber’s Great Hammer’s heavies, and 1st and 2nd light of the Glave.

Weapon handling in this game is, from a realistic point of view, complete nonsense. The only character that has something close to resembling proper weapon handling is, imho, Bardin. Look how close and tight he keeps his 2h weapons to his body in 3rd person, and how easy it is for him to cover his whole body with his weaponry. Being small in “real” combat is a huge boon, especially when you are small, have a low center of gravity, and the insane upper body strength of a dwarf.

A majority of these weapons would be completely impractical to use to begin with. It makes no sense that Kruber is capable of swinging his 2h hammer with the same ease as Bardin, it is physiologically impossible, especially considering Kruber’s hammers are longer and insanely more top-heavy than Bardin’s.

Just don’t try to go there. It looks cool, it looks impactful, most weapons look stylisch, anything beyond that, go play Mount and Blade or Kingdom Come.

I really hate to hear that. If you ever played those two games. You can’t say that. Those two games animations are AWAY from the natural, they are all looks so clunky. As a realism? Also NO.