About melee weapons swing agnles

I know it is “just” a game, but completely horizontal(180˚) swing angle is really hard to properly managed in real life, and as that much, hard to give a power to it.

Ex: Executioner Sword’s 3rd light and push attack’s swing angle is way more natural; 3rd light is naturally enough wide swing angle that swings starts from the mid or bottom. And push attack’s swing angle for wide swings that starts from the top.

So, for an example, Great Hammer’s heavy attacks’ and Elven Two-Handed Sword’s light attacks’ swing angles are would be more natural if it’s close to that Ex Sword’s 3rd light attack’s swing angle.

And for attacks that has a almost 80˚ to 70˚ angle of the top/overhead swing. Around 60˚ to 50˚ is would be looks more natural.

*Don’t have to be take this too serious. These are just what I thinking and feeling.


I cannot think of any swing angles that are 180° that are not overheads.

Isn’t that why horizontal swings are less effictive against armor and elites. And heavy overhead ones are more effective.

I think it’s pretty realistic tbh

If you trying to swing things in real life. You would understand what I saying.

These aren’t 180 degrees. They uppercut.

No i understand. I’m asking if thats not the case already. Most horizontal attacks heavy or not are less effective then overheads against armor or elites, becuase you said it unnatural and you can give less powerfull swings that way? I’m asking.

It’s not impossible to swing horizontally, so i wouldn’t change everything to a more natural swing

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I put it into an example because its light swings are starts from the bottom(down).

Well, yeah. If you want to do swing that you could give a most of power, that would be a around 30˚ to 45˚angle of a swing that starts from the main hand’s shoulder. And if you want to do full power overhead(close to 180˚ one) swing. You can do, but it would chop your knee.

I think what @anon75893681 is touching on is that you are correct in that a smaller angle might yield more power for a horizontal swing, but that this “weaker swing” is reflected in the amount of damage dealt. Our heroes are actively losing power so that they can better manage to hit more enemies with a cleave.

You should also put things in context of Warhammer where, pretty regularly, there are people who can muster the strength to punch someone so hard that the resulting corpse is moving so fast that it could be comparable to a catapult projectile. Skaven-slaves are the softest of the foes our heroes fight; if they’re strong enough to pierce the armor of a Chaos-Chosen (we’ve fought more than a few who’s armor could stop some cannon-fire in it’s path) with a hack from an axe, I’m more than confident they can swing a greatsword with enough force to cleave 15 slave-rats in half.

However, perhaps they’re just not swinging as hard as they can so that they don’t get tired. Every so often, with power-attacks, you hear them really grunt to get the swing out which is why there’s always armor-piercing attached to it, but Saltzpyre can chant to the heavens while cleaning out a horde with chain-light attacks, so he’s not even trying.

In this context, they don’t need full-power, so why swing at a smaller angle? Swing at a wider one and hit more enemies.


You are right that it’s more difficult to give a horizontal swing full power, since you are trying to compensate for gravity instead of working with it, and because of biology. However, a horizontal attack does have a place in a fight. And, as pointed out, if we would make Vermintide be any measure of realistic, we’d all be dead 5 seconds into the first horde. This is still a videogame in a fictional universe.


Here goes one of the kind of comment that what I mostly afraid of.

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Afraid? Why?

Weapons in real life are swung like levers, not like you see in Hollywood where they put their whole body behind each swing. But yes, downward strikes are aided by gravity and are therefore always more powerful than horisontal strikes.


No offense but this is such a specific and random thing to pick at compared to the hundreds of other nonsensical things in the game. Why does this matter in particular? And that is a genuine question.

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Because it is about how much the swings are would be more natural to look at.

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I’m always afraid of making a post about “how the things are would be looks more natural?”. Because there’s always like this comment “It just a game/fiction/etc.”.


I agree that there are some contexts where this is sad to hear but there’re others where it’s downright necessary. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the game “Just Cause” but “It’s a video-game” is all we can do to justify it.

I think if you appreciate the raw power of the characters we’re applying realism to it becomes more clear why they are taking these unnatural moves. If you had the strength of a super-hero, you could make “regular” movements out of certain styles that are totally impossible for us in real life. The reason people keep commenting about “Gravity helping us on our way down” is because we, as humans, know that gravity is a hugely significant factor when comparing it to the amount of energy we can produce with our bodies (I’ve not really studied the exact numbers so call it a guess-timate, but imagine that it can nearly double our downward power and cut our upward power by 3/4 with the Executioner Greatsword (the effect of gravity on the power we can produce is mass-of-weapon dependent)).

However, there is also the possibility that the characters we are playing are so strong that gravity isn’t even a factor on the weapons they wield. Imagine being so strong that you can swing the Executioner Greatsword with enough power that, were you to swing from low-to-high, it only cuts your effective energy by 1/10th, or even 1/16th.

Someone that strong could invent entire new fighting styles with heavier weapons and I think we ought to chalk up “theta during swings” to them having insider knowledge that we don’t have. It can’t be closer to reality because, were it closer to reality, the game wouldn’t be possible… so let’s try to justify it with the lore we have.


I wnat to make something clear. I didn’t wanted focusing on realism.

I just wanted to say is, if things are like this, it would be more looks/feels more natural and makes sense. (It should called as a plausible? I’m not sure. English is not my native/first language)

I understand what you mean. But what feels natural in a fantasy universe?

It’s not like warhammer vermintide is marketted as a historically correct medieval melee game, so i don’t see why it should be made that way.

As long as it’s correct to the warhammer lore, or pretty close to it, i think it’s fine.