Can you please improve some of the melee weapons' animations?


Halberd: He moves his upper body way too much. It looks like he’s sweeping weirdly with a broom. And when he blocking, he grabs way to much down of the shaft. It should be looks like Kerillian’s (grab the middle of the shaft). And while moving too.

Spear: Same as the halberd.

Two-Handed Sword: Block animation; it looks like his left hand’s wrist is bent over way too much as it looks broken.


Billhook: Same as Kruber’s halberd and spear.

Two-Handed Sword: Same as Kruber’s

And there’s generally need some polishing for the rest of the other melee weapons too. There’s maybe more.

If you ask me, all the 3D animations should be fixed as it looks like someone tried doing it and only half-finished it.


If I recall correctly they’re intentionally sort of half arsed. Something about the game being focused on first person and matching 3rd and 1st person animations is not worth the effort.

Which is fair enough I think. Other character’s wonky animations are hardly noticable during normal gameplay anyways.

Don’t quote me on that though, it was discussed a long time ago and once again I can’t be bothered digging up the thread because I’m currently on phone (phones suck).

I’ll try to find it when I get back home if no one has found it by then.


Nevermind all that. Found the post

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Whoever decided that should be slapped across the face, because it’s little details like that that makes a game much better.

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I fear Khorne has reached out for your soul.

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I make no excuses. Wood elves worship the Cadai and Cytharai equally. That honour goes to Khaine, not Khorne.

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The only thing what really stood out to me is Krub’s Spear sweep.
In Third Person it looks like an Overhead or maybe an odd stab. Always hilarious because that animation sends a ton of rats flying.

The blocks look sometimes a bit weird too. For example Saltz’ Rapier… Or Bardin Dual Axes.

But those little “beauty mistakes” are not that important to me. In a horde you are usually occupied with other issues. Like a ton of rats, or Kerillian shooting you in the back again.


I agree with ArkBlanc on this one. If anything in a game looks ridiculous and broken for years, you do get used to it, but it doesn’t make it less broken.
However, out of realistic considerations, I’d rather see that cursed stormvermin horizontal slash attack finally deal damage on the correct animation frame instead.


I’d agree with you if I’d noticed it in the first place without someone telling me… these didn’t really look out of place till I looked at them in detail.

Most of the animations look fine. I’d say there’s only a few animation issues on the attacks and blocks and that the rest looks good… and like @EnragedFountain mentions, I do not think it is worth it to overtune them. I’d imagine the bulk of the community is in the same bucket I was where we hardly even noticed.

Fixing the SV swing, though, that’s high priority. Little animations make a game nifty, but high quality gameplay is what makes a game great.

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That just means you’ve been dead and watching your teammates way less than I have :slight_smile: And it is one of those things - once you’ve seen Kruber in a pompous merc hat with a bunch of feathers sticking out of it just casually tilling the ground around him with a halberd in the middle of a ratmen horde, you just cannot unsee it ever.


Or Bardin with dual axes just flopping them around instead of- oh you know, swinging them.
Or perhaps the worst offender; Saltzpyre’s flail.

Edit: Saltzpyre’s rapier is also extremely bad. I don’t even know how to describe it, just go look at it yourselves.

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By the way, I’m talking about 3rd person animations. So many of those are not matching with 1st person ones. If 3rd person ones matched with 1st person, then it would be a lot better. At least I think.

  • Both Kruber and Slatzpyre’s two-handed swords’ block animation looks like their left hand’s wrist is bent over as much as looks like the wrist is broken in both 1st and 3rd person.

  • Kerillian’s two-handed sword also has a same problem in 1st person.

  • [Suggestion]

    Change those block aniamtions looks like “Close left”, “Close right” or “Short” in that image would be nice, in my opinion.

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I don’t care about the animations as they are good enough to convey what is happening, and never have they bothered me.

If I were to change a 2H sword’s blocking though, I’d use one hand on the handle and one hand on the blade, the flat of the blade poiting forwards.


That would be looks fine enough too.