Dual Hammers' light attack chain pattern feels awkward to me (Visually)

So, I think it would be looks better if those attack patterns are same as a Dual Axe or Kerillian’s Dual Sword.

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I think its fine

Maybe at first but has one of the nicest rhythms, 1h hammer much worst.

Thought the same about Saltz Billhook at first.

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It’s fine, you just need to get used to it imo.

I dig it, tbh. IDK if it’s the lack of cleave, but dual axes’ light attack pattern seem very center-focused (single-target), while dual hammers’ light attack pattern is very wide.

I posted this because those animations are not so looking “balanced”.

Both Dual Axes and Elven Dual Swords are has an attack pattern that uses both sides of weapons equally.

I understand the other DLC dual weapons attack patterns are not using both sides of weapons equally, because those dual weapons has a different weapons in each hands. But dual hammers is not. Dual hammers are has a same sized and same modle of weapons for each hands. This is why I think dual hammers’ animation should be changed/“balanced”.

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