Balance the Dual Hammers to make the 1h Hammer Attractive

I like the place where the Dual Hammers are in. But they are a bit too strong compared to other weapons. It would be great if everything could be just as strong. To me, they are the absolute best crowd controlling and horde clearing weapon for Bardin. It’s armor-piercing damage is decent too. It has a huge headshot multiplier so it’s devastating against anything without armor. They have high stamina as well so it’s easier to survive when surrounded. The only good thing Fatshark didn’t give them is a wide push-angle.

You don’t have to worry about hyper-density packs as much. The 2-handed hammer has nothing on these with how slow it is and it makes you vulnerable to counter attacks.
The problem is there’s no reason to use the 1h hammer since they both can do the same amount of armor-piercing damage, also it has lower stamina, no AP damage on push attacks, and most importantly worse range and hit-accuracy.

Here’s what I think should be done to make the 1h Hammer a just as attractive choice.

  • It has a harder time hitting groups of small skaven so the hit-accuracy and the range on attacks needs to be improved.
  • The attacks should swing more horizontally to hit more enemies, like how the push-attack swings. Right now the hammer swings in more of an X, which isn’t great for crowd control.
  • Make the 1h hammer’s charged attack faster.
  • Give the 1 hammer’s charged attack better Head Shot accuracy.
  • Raise the base critical chance on the 1h hammer to be higher than Dual. Like how the axes work.
  • Lower the stamina on Dual Hammers from 4 shields to 3
  • Lower AP damage on the Dual Hammer’s push-stab significantly, and slightly on charged attacks.

These suggestions are in mind to have both weapons be great for crowd-control and to give the 1h hammer clear superiority when it comes to dealing AP damage and survivability with stamina. While the dual hammers can still have higher damage for unarmored enemies and headshots on armor.

I have a feeling ( although I haven’t been back to VT1 to check) that the swing pattern is directly ported from VT1 for the 1h hammer. I had great fun with 1h hammer in VT1 with Killing Blow skill, and it is still quite good fun in VT2.

My gut feeling is that all of the weapons from the Ubersreik DLC are OP to make it appealing for people to go and BUY the DLC. Business and all that.

Balancing these weapons is going to be a real headache once the initial furore dies down, as some are ludicously OP. > Crowbill+Unchained damage stacks 1 shotting SV in legend with a light attack… dual wield Zealot comedy combat…

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Yeah the p2w appeal they got (intended or not) is going to get some outcry but then again there are always people that don’t want their weapon nerfed and might even quit over it (Beamstaff).
FS just has to balance them and take it.

Another way differentiate them could be to give the different hammers different uses. For example: 2HH could be the clear best for trash clear, 1HH could be geared for single-target killing, and DH could be a middle ground that’s decent at both, but doesn’t excel at either like the other two would.

In any case, I think DH need nerfing. They’re simply too good since the attack speed buff.

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