Balance suggestions - 1H vs 2H

So first of all, one thing that should make a return from VT1 combat-wise, is the attack cancelling (Pressing block in the middle of an attack animation). I realize that this was probably removed to punish aggresive players, but it made the gameplay much more fluid and rewarded players for being extra careful.

As for balancing 1H and 2H, considering that 2H weapons are heavier than 1H weapons, it’d make sense to make their shove stronger. This could also offset the slower attack speed by increasing enemy down time.

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Maybe less on the shove since I don’t think that its necessarily easier push with it (though a wider block/push angle of course makes sense). If you want bonus stagger It would be to the attacks themselves especially charge attacks. The momentum of a heavy weapon smashing into them is what should be slowing the horde. I think strong shove is the property of shields. Swords I can see maybe being a mid ground, but something like maces and axes I don’t know that it would make a lot of sense to have heavy push.

Well you have canfucerous qq :d and there is still block canceling.
But there is already push strenght (stagger) difference for weapons ofc it could be rebalanced and actually should, because right now most 2hd weapons have same stagger strenght like 1hd non shield weapon

I don’t think a blanket solution of buffing all 2H vs. all 1H is in order. Buff the Executioner vs. the 1H Sword, for example? Some 2H can use a buff, sure, but on the topic of weapon balance changes should always be judged in individual cases. Buff 2H Sword? Yes please. Spear? Not nescessary. 1H Mace? Would be very nice. And so on.

Yeah Krub spear certiainly doesn’t need a buff and even without the animation cancel exploit I still think the 2H hammer (at least on Bardin) is a really strong weapon. 2h Axe on the other hand…

But speaking personally I feel like the 2H weapons already ended up in a better spot than the 1H (single, not counting any of the dual wields) weapons. While i’m all for ensuring that each one has its pros and cons, I don’t think 2H need a huge buff considering there’s not really a scenario that I prefer the one hand equivalent to its 2H varation (axes, swords, maces).

Its not about 1h vs 2h weapons, its mostly about that 1h weapons are specialist. Its good against horde weak vs armored and vice versa, 2hd are always mix with preference but work better.
Exec is ideal example its mostly horde clear but have amazingly good heavies against elites, compare that to 1hd sword, its very similar in function but lack that armor piercing strike.

Generalist weapons just trumph against specialist in this game sadly

But you CAN cancel by blocking while in the middle of an attack animation.

Not in the middle of it, no. You can cancel before the swing begins (during the windup), but if you time it too slowly, you’ll be forced to complete the attack animation before you can block. Correct me if I’m wrong, but VT1 allowed you to cancel the animation at any point in time, whereas VT2 isn’t so lenient. It’s especially hairy when you’re using a 2H with a slow charge attack animation.

Honestly that sounds kind of bad. It would make combat a lot easier.