Sienna mace

To me its quite frustrating to have to constantly block cancel and push attack in order to do normal combos.
Edit: Making push-attack mandatory to start every combo when dealing with horde effectively drains stamina way too fast and makes you quite vurnable.

Keep heavy overhead as is and combo it into heavy swings like it does right now
Change light overhead to the push attack instead.
light combo is just swings but can combo into heavy swings.
This would let you switch back and forth between single target attack and horde control in a much more fluent way.

Edit: as @Darksky said. it would be a dmg nerf. heavy attack would need a buff.

I also believe it would not intrude on the Crowbill’s area of single target focus.



The mace is a prime example of a weapon that has just been ported over into VT2 without accounting for the changes in gameplay. This is one of the reasons why the DLC weapons appear to be so strong: They are no nonsense and straight forward (more or less, execept maybe Keri’s handaxe) with light and charged attacks havinig disctinctly different patterns and serving different purposes. Their attack patterns are not quirky, require next to no complicated chaining, block canceling or stuff like that.
It’s also simply too slow on the sweaps.

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Sienna’s V2 mace is different from V1. It is 2 handed weapon, so it being slow is consistent with all other 2h weapon speeds. Meanwhile, Sienna’s V1 1H mace was given to Kruber’s dual wield DLC weapon. I must admit the 2h mace is a bit wonky, and I would much rather have the original 1h mace from V1 as it did much better against SV soloing.

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Push-stabbing is the best way to deal with a horde anyway, so the fact the you can chain the push into 3 wide sweeps with insane stagger is already good. Also block cancelling light 1 attack is way more singletarget(vs armored) dps than charging unless you actually oneshot(max heat unchained only pretty much), so it would lower the mediocre singletarget armor damage the mace already has. Your suggestion will make the weapon easy to use but also would be a nerf(not a big one but noticeable for sure), and mace doesn’t need to be any weaker.
Also if you want to spam leftclick there are 3 weapons for you already (dagger,sword,flaming sword) and the dagger actually does what you want mace to do: light attacks are sweeps, push stab is good singletarget(dot works on armored too) and charged are pretty decent vs armor, esp second one.

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I enjoy the mace attack pattern, and it’s the only weapon I use on unchained.

From a block you can either horde clear (push atk, light, light) and stagger everything, or single target overhead (light or heavy atk). That gives you an easy path to whatever works best for the situation.

That being said I prefer faster items when not playing unchained.

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