Sienna's mace is still under powered

I don’t know what others think, but I think it’s because of its weird attack pattern in both light and heavy.

So, even if the attack pattern for each melee weapons bland down. I think It needs to be changed to something better.

Any other thoughts?


It’s an abomination of a weapon. Everything about it is wrong - the attack patterns, properties, combos, everything. It’s such an unnatural creature. It made more sense before the BBB even though it was really underpowered.

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And I heard that it can burn the enemies, but, how?


No, it can’t. Even though it has flaming effects and has a tag that it’s a DoT weapon.


I see, thank you for making the things clear.

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I find Sienna’s Mace fine is pretty solid.

Good damage profiles, good cleave, good stagger. The attacks can be chained easily for either anti horde or anti elite. Maybe some polishing up on the input timings and it would be perfect.


Or separate “light attacks” and “heavy attacks” to one of them change to focus more on dealing a horde. And other one to focus more on dealing the single target.


For hordes, I like to do heavy 1 > light > light > dodge > repeat

For elites, light 1 > block > dodge > repeat

The combos really feel something that you have to force out of it but if you can manage that its “ok” I guess.
Personally never have been fan of the weapon in any of its iterations. It could honestly benefit from being simpler weapon.

I find the new mace a extreamly good weapon, it’s only flaw is that is overshadowed by that superweapon that is flaming flail.
It has nice combes to not keep the weapon boring and very good profiles. Even if i don’t play sienna much is one on my favorite weapons expecially since sienna has so much options to increase attack speed that is the only weakness that the weapon has.


There is honestly no reason to use it over the Flail, so I agree.

I know that people favor left click spam weapons, but just stating Flail being much better than Mace is a bit much.

Push attack into Light, Light is a really good anti wave combo that deals much more damage than the flails. You can also swap the lights for heavy if you face armored targets, or massive amounts of marauders for more damage, stagger and tank cleave modifiers. Or you simply Push attack and then loop heavy into light forever.

Single target the mace also pulls far ahead with Heavy 1 block cancel.

Defensive wise the Mace has a longer dodge distance. The rest is equally well rounded.

There is really no reason to call the Flail better than the Mace. The “Superweapon(s)” Mace loses to are Dagger and Burning Sword.


I don’t think it needs a buff, but maybe the angles of the side-swipe Heavies need to be more horizontal. Other than that it’s a good Weapon. It’s just a shame Flail does it’s job better and more smoothly. In my opinion, Flail needs changing somewhat, as it’s too strong.

Mace is quite capable of soloing Chaos Patrols or high density on Cata and Cata+, because of it’s mobility, and:

The L2 (uppercut) now deals more damage to armour, similar to the 1H Mace and Mace + Shield.

Heavy 1 > L2
L1 > L2

Are incredibly good against Elites, and also quite fast.

Push-Attack > Heavy spam

Works pretty well for Hordes, even if the attack angle is really weird. It tends to pick off the odd Elite too.

Push-Attack > L3 > L4

Works fine for Hordes.

^ The combo for this Horde combo:

Push-Attack > L3 > H2 > L3 > H2 > etc


It used to on the first heavy attack but it doesn’t seem to anymore. They didn’t say anything about removing the DoT on the update notes so it may be a bug.

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a side effect of changing the damage profile of the sienna mace for higher damage output was that the burning from Heavy 1 was removed

not strictly a bug but Fatshark hasn’t seemed to say whether or not they want this to be the case. It was something of a technical limitation on our end.

Overall the mace is stronger now in terms of damage output than it was pre-BBB


Fair enough. In that case, the “bug” portion could be that it’s mislabeled as a DoT weapon.

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my main problems with it is light attacks 1, 2 and 4. the first 2 attacks are single target and the 4th has a big delay at the end until it starts on light 1 again.

the mace should have the same attack pettern as kruber mace. start with 2 multi target attacks and end with 2 single target. the current light 1 should apply burn and the heavy attacks could also do it (to synergize with certain talents). the delay after light 4 should be removed so that sienna bot is a bit better with it and that players dont need to block cancel.

alternatively the the mace can have only 1 single target attack in its light attack chain (the first attack) then have the rest be multi target attacks.

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I’ll admit I haven’t played it much recently, but post beta it should be a very strong weapon for UC nowadays. Next time I pick UC up again I’m planning to give it another good chance.

It would be nice to have the dot back on heavy 1 mostly for aesthetics, I don’t think it’d change its effectiveness much.

Attack pattern is indeed basic but I think there’s a place for that and not every weapon needs intricate combo chains. Mace has everything you need. Push attack into lights or heavies for nice control and horde clear. Light 1 -> block cancel for single targets. Heavy 1 -> block cancel for CWs. Basic but effective, and pretty quick and easy to get to the attack you need for that situation.

Anyone know what its finesse is like? I assume it’s not a particularly good Pyro option, and BW generally doesn’t really synergize with anything other than fire sword, but that’s not mace’s fault.

you can H2 into L3 repeating btw, that’s always been a combo option for hordes


I would just like to see DoTs given to all the heavy attacks. Despite it theoretically being bad to have L1 and H1 both be single target, each one can be block cancelled for dps for unarmoured or armoured enemies respectively, and L1 is fast enough that it fits fine with crowd control.

There’s always the option of starting a crowd control combo with push attack anyway. H2 and 3 could possibly benefit from extra stagger to reliably stagger armoured elites

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