Does Anyone Use Sienna's Mace?

Ever since she acquired the flail I’ve found I use it in any situation I may have considered using the mace. I also have not seen anyone use the mace whenever I’m not on Sienna.

Does anyone out there still use the mace with some frequency?

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I use it on Pyro and Battlemage. Simply because I don’t own WoM and I like the feel of it :)! Crowbill’s for the dmg-tank! Don’t really get along with dagger and sword…

If I had the flail I would use it (no matter how good it is/if I like it) on only one class simply because I like variety throughout all classes. They should really feel and play differently. Same goes for the staves.
Or all other chars with all their different styles and weapons. Keeps the game interesting and challenging for me.


I do. It’s been my favorite Sienna melee since pre-release. I do agree the flail is better in most situations, but the mace is still effective and I just love it too much to replace it with the flail.

I do use the dagger a lot as well though. It’s about 50/50 between the two for me.

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Sienna’s Mace seems to be one of her worse weapons, along with the flame dagger.

I personally run the Crowbill on all 3 careers for anti-armor/elite duty and mainly use her staffs against hordes/specials.

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I use the dagger sometimes and find I can use it effectively in some circumstances.
Not really the mace, though.

It’s a bit funny to see how the mace’s general status evolved as the new weapons came out. It was the major anti-armor weapon with its overhead attack back before the DLC. With repeated block-stopping into the first attack of the chain.
Then Crow Bill became the go-to in most situation. Any thought I had for using the mace was thrown out when the Flail came along because, from my view, it has better versions of the attacks the mace had.

The overhead heavy attack conks the main target, but also ignites and knocks back the surrounding enemies. The mace only conks and ignites the one target.
The flail also has a faster attack chain. Block-stopping after the first 2 attacks to keep the cleave hits going also seems pretty effective.

The thing that strikes me is that just increasing the chain speed of the mace a bit and giving a splash to its overhead heavy attack may have rendered the flail unnecessary.

There is no rational reason to use it with Crowbill and Flail around, though I can see why people would use it just for variety’s sake. Back when the game was released, the only reason it was used was because it was the only weapon in Sienna’s arsenal that could reliably deal with armor in a timely manner, and it was still one of the worst weapons in the game. Yet, even while being one of the worst weapons in the game, simply because it was in THE worst melee selection of any character it still reigned supreme as Sienna’s only worthwhile tool for anything but hordes.

Crowbill and Flail meanwhile are worthwhile weapons all on their own and the swords have been sufficiently buffed to be able to deal with foes beyond just hordes, leaving the Mace completely in the dust. These days, there is simply nothing the mace can do that other weapons can’t do equally well or better. Even its supposed niche as a tool against armor is something it doesn’t do better than ‘above average’. Its ability to control crowds is extinguished the moment armor is mixed into a horde, as its heavy attacks can not quickly kill multiple plated enemies and its heavy sidesweeps are stopped by a single armored target.

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