Bring back Sienna's 1h mace from V1

Sienna’s mace from V1 was my absolute all-time favorite weapon until the Ceremonial Dagger was released.

It had excellent AP and headshot damage and the attack animations for both her light and heavy attacks felt comfortable and satisfying. It also looked really fluid and natural.

Nothing feels more amazing than seeing that overhead heavy attack smash a SV’s head to bits :slight_smile:


Inb4 it’ll be a DLC weapon.

Anyway, I’d love to see it return, I enjoyed it a lot as well.

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I was told during the beta back in February that all V1 weapons would make an appearance in this game.

I’ve been waiting since then to see her 1h mace return…


It is here - kind of. It just got a major rework into the current Mace, so large that it’s almost unrecognizeable in moveset (even more so than appearance). While I don’t miss the old “Battle Scepter” that much, I’m too kind of curious why it got that big of an overhaul move-wise, as it’s the only weapon with that large changes. I can kind of appreciate the appearance change more, for the whole “ceremonial” look Sienna’s weapons have going on, but I don’t think the old moveset was that bad or unfitting (even if I disliked it somewhat, as might be evident).

I don’t like the 2h mace. It’s awkward, it’s slow, and I can’t seem to hit anything even though I have my crosshair right on the enemy.

The weapon animations are so terrible.

I want my head cruncher 1h mace back.

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