Sienna idea: give her Kruber's mace

Hi. I think Sienna’s melee arsenal is pretty bad, and I’m probably not the only one to think so. And while the patch is going in the right direction, I think more substantial changes are needed to bring her on par with the other characters.

But, here’s an idea I had:

  • give Kruber’s mace to Sienna

  • rename her current mace to “fire mace”, mirroring sword and fire sword

I see no downsides to this:

  • fans of the old mace can keep using it

  • everyone else gets a good option, and one that is largely considered good but not OP

  • no balancing is needed, as the weapon is already in the game

  • no new assets are needed

Of course that’s not the only possible way to go. There’s plenty of room to improve the dagger and the flamesword, and it wouldn’t hurt to see her get some new weapons as well. But these are obviously more complex changes that require time and work to create the assets as well as some play testing to find balance. None of these are needed if you give Sienna an existing weapon. If anything, it could be a quick fix for the issue until something more exiting comes along.

You keep talking like it’s only upsides. Sure, people who like Kruber’s mace would be happy to use it elsewhere, but there are also people who like Sienna’s mace. Her mace is good. There’s no reason to change it so drastically.

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Sienna’s mace is one of the best maces, IMO. Its first light is great for block-cancelling into itself to quickly headshot down any solitary enemy. If you’ve got a horde, you can push attack into two light sweeps, which gives you good CC.

It does take some getting used to, though, and if you don’t block-cancel it’s hard to use.

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I never said the mace should be changed. I just suggested to rename it “fire mace” and leave it as it is. Nothing would change for the people who like it in its current state, as no one would force them to use the new weapon.

I used it quite a bit, block canceling and all. I got used to it. It still sucked.
The horizontals are slower than those of Kruber’s mace while dealing similar damage and are locked behind the overhead attack, which means you are often forced to spend stamina for a push attack in order to skip the overhead.
The overhead itself is fast and nice, but because it immediately goes into the horizontal, you have to block reset the combo every hit. Having to exit the block animation after every blow slows you down to a speed that is barely superior to the more powerful overheads of Kruber’s mace/1h hammer.
The supposed advantages of the weapon are horizontal and vertical charged attacks. The charged overhead is hardly ever used as spamming the first light is both safer and more effective, and the situational usefulness of push attack → charged horizontal doesn’t make up for all the flaws in the weapon.
As you said, push attack into light attacks is not bad. But Kruber’s mace also has a really good push attack and can use the exact same rotation, at a faster pace, while staying more mobile (iirc). OR just use the light attacks and get the horizontals out without spending stamina.
Sienna’s mace is usable because it has CC, anti armor and some horde clear, but it is far from good.

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