When finally touching on weapon rebalance, please consider changing some movesets

In my opinion, weapons should be either somewhat good at both crowd clearing and single target, or extremely good in one of the two categories, with crowdcontrol weapons cleaving more, and single target oriented weapons having higher anti armor values. Currently, thats mostly not the case.

Kruber’s weapons for example, non-shields. Halberd and to some extend exe sword are undisputed kings as they do both roles extremely well. Mace is a very close runner-up, and then thats it. Two-handed swords have been acknowledged to be in a bad spot right now by FS, but what about the one handed sword? Nobody ever seems to talk about it, and its a bloody shame, as im a fan of the simpler things. Especially on huntsman, where the two handed weapons and the shields just look wrong and dont fit in with the theme of the career of being a hunter that needs to travel lightly.

Please, change Kruber single sword to behave differently from sienna’s, hes a trained soldier, he should be able to manage a sword better and with greater effect than a rather lean wizard.
Same goes for Kruber mace and Bardin single hammer, they should work differently, as they are rather different weapons, from shape to length to weight.
Kruber and Saltz’ Zweihanders should stay the way they are, buff them of course but there is nothing wrong with them. Maybe change the charge attack angle a bit to make headshots easier (or in case of chaos warriors, possible at all), but thats it.


i agree. the current design is sad because we’re pigeonholed into using some weapons as a result of how cleave works / armor penetration.

ironically, i feel that sienna’s melee weapons are the most balanced of all - all 4 melee weapons have their uses and niche areas that she can balance with her staff usage.

the elf and kruber have some 1h variants that need some lovin. some people swear by them, but for example i think the 1h sword needs to promote high mobility rather than slowing the char down.

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