Spice up all 1h weapons or change them to dual wield

Most 1h weapons are pretty boring style wise. It’s a special travesty to see Slayer not have dual hammers for instance. 1h sword/axe and a torch or maybe a dagger would be fun. A bolo or caltrops for maybe Kruber’s or similar classes 1h like BH falchion. (Game could really use soft cc like a snare) Fire secondary weapon is horribly underutilized.

Please make Salty’s sidearm more powerful and faster integration into his rapier while at it, (the short range damage dropoff is horribly unfun for such a slow and relatively weak weapon btw so alternatively you could let it damage at range again) and the WHC is the weakest class in this game in general.

Ranged is so good in this game you really can afford the melee weapons some more power and niche uses.


Any 1-hander on Kruber is not merely worthless but also a joke on you by fatshark for picking it.
Unless they get a significant buff they will rot in my inventory until I smelt them for parts.


The rapier sidearm definitely needs to have increased range for sure as well as have the animation more fluid with the rapier attacks, and since it does less damage than a normal pistol even at point blank range it should have a damage increase as well.

If they start buffing it, it will need to be given a limited ammo supply. It shouldn’t be as strong as a normal pistol shot when you never run out of ammo for it.

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It could have some nice additions like that Siennas fire claw on heavy attack :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::fire:, maybe they could punch/kick once in a while on light attacks, or give them some stuff in the offhand like all these people propose torch.

And Victors rapier+pistol combinations is another wasted opportunity, its the only weapon with special attack (even though now its useless compared to V1) but the idea itself is really great, there could be more stuff like this, throwing daggers or exact opposite :arrows_counterclockwise: where you could allow some ranged weapon to use quick melee attacks, something like Krubers blunderbuss but using it with bow for example would make you pull out dagger or short sword for one swing.

Kruber’s 1-h sword becomes really good at mobbing with Mercenary, at least on Champion.

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I think the flaming sword could use some love. Maybe it’s just because I’m a dagger person, but the charged attack feels slow and kinda underwhelming in general. The normal attack is alright, but that’s about it.

Why? Considering Sienna with unlimited magic, Kerillian with near unlimited arrows and Bardin with unlimited ammo I dont see why the sidearm would need to have limited ammo if it got buffed a bit. Its not like its a machine gun that can mow down hordes by itself, it shoots about 1 bullet per second and currently it cant even kill a skaven slave a few meters away with one shot.

Not like it needs to have sniper range or insane damage, but buffed enough to actually kill something beyond point blank range.

Ugh yeah 1hand weapons are drastically underpowered compared to the alternatives. I think they simply ported them from VT1 without thinking about how mixed composition enemies changed combat. I tried the 1hand axe as Witch Hunter as it was my favorite weapon for him in the first game, but it just couldn’t keep up.

The fact that you can suceed with it is more attributed to the players skill than anything the weapon has or does.
It either gets an upgrade or rots away forgotten.

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I’m not claiming to be great at the game or anything.

I meant that the 1h sword is a safe and effective way to mob with Mercenary, mostly because of the charged attack. It’s fast, hits lots of targets, and does ok damage. It syncs really well with his skills and passives, in a way that has nothing to do with player skill. Other weapons sync well with his passives as well, but calling that weapon worthless or a joke is simply not true.

I don’t prefer the mace.

I actually love the mace without shield on Kruber and the hammer without shield on Bardin, they’ve got good stagger, a strong charged attack, and they don’t slow you down when attacking. Both also have really nice stamina capacity, so I see them as a very nice alternative to using them with a shield.

Hammer and shield on Kruber is pretty worthless together with two handed sword (not the executioner one). The rest of the weapons are pretty ok.

1h mace/1h hammer is easly one of the best weapons in the game.

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Bardin’s 1h Hammer is so damn good. I made the change to it several days ago and nothing else feels as good. It can take on hordes, has plenty of stamina, has a great pushstab, its charge attack is quick and can destroy armored foes easily, and lastly it has great dodge mobility. I’d recommend trying it if you haven’t already.

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I want a torch.

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One way they could spice it up is by changing Talents in the Talent Tree to support certain weapons.
For example giving the Mace weapon that Kruber has(Both shield mace and macey mace) armor penetration, as he basically needs to roll either Halberd or two-handed Hammer if he wants to do anything to an armored opponent.

This would give him more weapon options in exchange for a Talent slot.

I disagree on making talents to support specific weapons - that would make that talent absolutely worthless for anyone not using that weapon, and thus limit the talent options a lot. It would also force a balancing paradigm where the mace weapons would have to be suboptimal without the talent, which would be even worse than what there is now.

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Totally agree. The 1h hammer is my favorite melee weapon on Bardin. It’s fast, mobile, fast sweeps with good stun. It’s power attack staggers just about anything, it’s fast, and does good damage. You can combine that with the talent that increases stam recovery after power striking - excellent for boss fighting while tanking it.

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