An Improvement for salztprye's melee pistol

OK Fatshark the pistol sucks and im not talking about the brace of pistols which could use a buff too but that’s another topic now im talking about the rapier combo it does no damage unless your face to face and at that point all it does is let you get hit since you cant block when useing i mean its just useless the way it is now my idea for impoving it is to go back to the vermintide 1 version give it 16 shots of ammo and make it like a single version of brace of pistols also let him use it with other one handed weapons like the flail or falchion further more if its not to op try letting him fire it while hes blocking

The rapier pistol does seem kinda pointless since the range at which it is effective is so short you might as well just go over to the guy and stab him in the face, without the added risk of having an awkward attack windup, having to press your “alt-fire” button, without losing the ability to block and without having to break your attack chains and combos.

I’d agree that making it a “regular” pistol with ammo would be the more sensible solution.

My other two suggestions would be to make it a regular pistol and just have it on a seperate cooldown.

At this point, my prefered option would be: Make it fluff, add it to the heavy attack chain and/or block attack (not replacing the slash, just add it afterwars for fluff). It would be kinda cool to have it fluently transfer into your regular attacks.

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Or, they could have let’s say 5 ammo, and this ammo would reload when out of combat, almost like Sienna Tranquility, implying that Saltz is reloading them.

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How about bring back beta rapier pistol, good damage, infinite ammo, on all one handed weapons but only for the WHC

Then we will have another class, built around one and one weapon only - the first one being huntsman.

Or just give it ammo like in VT1 and be done with it, beyond me why this still isnt done this way.

The rapier is already stronger than other Saltz’s melee weapons. Boosting the gun will only force everyone use this weapon and nothing else.

The pistol doesn’t suck

It lets Saltz deal with those maulers so easily.

T LMB MMB LMB MMB dead mauler.