My Rapier Feedback from a level 30+6 bounty hunter

Alright few things to start off, I have played both closed and opn beta of the game so I got to experience all levels of the rapier. Additionally, phone posting so apologies it there is some derp spelling.

Alright so the rapier, by far my favorite flayvor weapon but after it’s nerf got put on the shelf, while I do think the nerf was needed, not to the extent it go. So in it’s place I took the flachion and never looked back. I discovered the falcion did everything the rapier could but better, it had head shot bonus, it was a fast swing, hell it even cleaves and goes through aromor all around better, especially with Swift slaying. Recently I have the rapier a go against for shiggles. I upped it and got Swift slaying on it. After using it for a little I discovered a few things. One being it’s amazing at clearing hordes of clan rats, when the Swift slaying procs you attack so fast the enemies can’t even get a swing off because they stagger so much.

But here comes the problem, armor and shields. The rapier does gak all where the falcion just chops through them. The aspect of the rapier that should be dealing with shields and armor is the pistol, but because of it’s massive short ranges and damage drop off, it’s horrible to use. After playing with the numbers and comparing them I think I found a really good compromise to bring the rapier and pistol onto par with the falchion. Make it so that the max pistol damage is the same for point blank as it is for a backwards Dodge from the enemy. IE if I do 50 damage with the pistol at point blank, a backwards Dodge and fire should deliver the same damage, not less then half.of that which it currently is. The draw back to this is using the pistol leaves you open for an attack.

I really wanna like the rapier but u til that pistol is buffed to deal with armor and shields it’s just out classed every time by the falcion.


ya I play nothing but falcion as well it just as you said does everything better.

Honestly I just really want my shots from the rapier pistol’s special attack not to just disappear after a few feet in the air.

Like yes an actual ranged weapon you wield (such as the Brace of Pistols) should have much higher range, but I’d still like to have a tad bit more range than point blank next to an enemy’s melee distance.

That why I think it really needs to be fixed, maybe even say half it’s range but give it a flat 30 damage that pens armor or staggers sheilds

Agreed. I’m fine with the falchion doing better damage so long as the rapier has something to recommend. Right now the pistol is less effective than harsh language; the slow speed is fine but the damage is miniscule.

pistol on rapier is only really good on BH by the way because of no damage drop off. That is literally it

Rapier had ammo in V1 to justify the huge damage with no drop off, not sure why its suddenly not “good enough” anymore, so they nerfed the damage of the rapier pistol to make it an okay melee weapon, that has an absolutely unsatisfying weapon animation compared to the Rapier itself.

Of course it was a strong weapon, of course you could snipe literally everything from range, of course unlimited ammo was absolutely insane for such a weapon with AP and no damage falloff, so why not go back to the roots?
I admit I was to lazy to go through all the threads about it to maybe find a dev answer to this, I just hope it will be reverted sooner or later.

Also: its possible to bypass shields with the rapier, its just harder.

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Rapier is by now far superior than other weapons, falchion is the only weapon I can think to compare with. From what I have seen, many witch hunters run with rapier(which is good, rapier is designed for him), many bounty hunters run with rapier(even the pistol is not strong right now) and zealots run with rapier(flail is not where to be seen).

If rapier can even easily kill armor(I feel easy enough, the charge attack is very easy to use and deals high damage the longer you charge) and shield(the only enemy type I feel rapier is not good at). Then I won’t even see people use falchion. Maybe some people like one weapon to be capable of killing all enemies, but I want to see diversity.

Zealot recently got nerf about his damage potential, I played few rounds as zealot with flail, I felt frustrating with the nerf(the irony is falil is only good at fighting shield when comparing to rapier), then I met some players ran zealot with rapier and still played well. That made I think dev nerfed his damage potential because of rapier.

I think rapier needs some changes or other weapons need change to be at same tier, the rapier pistol could use some rework but first I think dev needs to address use of other weapons.

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bh still have fall off damage, to my knowledge waywatcher is the only one with no fall off damage.

I agree other weapons really need to be addressed, the axe is a really good example. But as I said in all my time playing the rapier is always out classed by the falchion, at least on the bounty Hunter. Imo the class it should be best on is the WHC, and should be a crit fish weapon, but with his talents it’s not worth it, leaving the only way to deal with armored targets is the gimped pistol.

Also I would say that the rapier is the WORST weapon to use on the BH since the off hand pistol will consume your blessed shot, doing pitiful damage, and not letting you utilize prized bounty.

Which I always run falchion/axe as bounty hunter. If you play bounty hunter with rapier and have trouble to deal with armored enemies. I would say I always kill armored enemies with my ranged weapon/active.

Oh God yeah, volley bow is just stupid at that and the falcion chews through them. But coming from the other class of WHC it’s just an aweful weapon. If WHC base had like 10% more crit it would be a good weapon for crit fishing but other then that it’s just so far outclassed.

When I play witch hunter I don’t think he is powerhouse like bounty hunter is. One of his LV10 talents has headshot damage bonus which fits with rapier very well. Witch hunter also has better dodge ability if you can use the charge attack to get headshot, witch hunter can utilize most of this weapon.

I think witch hunter is damage support, and crit headshot instantly slayer tiny enemies is very rewarding if you play that way.

No lol, that Dodge is worthless if you use it it does not get you far enough to matter for anything it’s a waste of a talent.

I agree that he should be a damage support, but he is so bad at doing that it’s more beneficial to take said bounty Hunter as you do more damage then you would by buffing others.

I do think they should design the WHC as a high skill character that gets auto crirts on ranged head shots and slays them

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