Changes to Flail?

Now… i know alot of Zealots use Flail just for the roleplay alone ;D
I myself love the Flail but people must agree that it lacks compared to the other options.

Rapier is alot faster, higher damage, massive headshot crit multipliers, also hits a decent amount of enemies, has a pistol with unlimited bullets that pierce most armor. Cant pierce heavy armor/shields with light attacks.

Falchion is by far a devastating weapon. High dmg, does hit multiple enemies though only at full charge, fully pierces all armor and shields, easy headshots.

Axe is high dmg, armor-destroying dealing massive dmg in high difficulty against single targets as it should. Not much areasweep.

And then we have the Flail… whereas i feel like the others like Axe, Rapier have 1 con on their name and Falchion almost 0 depending on playstyle… Flail i feel has more.
Flail ignore shields (and armor on 50% of the hits) and hits a big sweep in front of you.
are the 2 things it does better than most of the other options (though Falchion obviously goes through everything)
Downsides are lower dmg, really hard to headshot stuff bigger than slaves, because of the large sweep unless you have some attackspeed you can get attacked before the animation finishes… because Flail is 50% sweep attacks and 50% up->down attacks (which ignore armor but only hit 1 enemy) its harder to manage as you constantly need to switch between charged and light attacks just to keep up areaswings for example.

Now i still love it and its still very effective, i do feel like it could use a very small amount of love.
However im not sure how they can improve the Flail without pushing it over the edge and making it overpowered.
A slightly bigger chance to stagger could be enough… or perhaps a 5% overall dmg boost at highest.
It doesnt need much but right now unless youre like me and like the general gameplay of Flail… statistically and theoretically… Flail is just not 100% on the same level as the other options.

agreed flail feals super lacking, especially since it only has like (2???) block stamina charges

I agree, it is the only thing that holds back zealots etc.

Flail needs to be as good as the Slayer axes, All that needs to happen is to make it pierce armor. Which it should!

Another great change would be to make it hit people whilst you are spinning it, but when it happens you must charge it up again.

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