Shield & Flail for GK

Would be neat to have, could have been done at release. I would have liked to see that much more than Sword and Shield. However im not sure if GK use that kind of Weapon, because it is maybe labelled a “Peasant Weapon” .
For the Price of a Premium Career i would would have liked to see maybe one more Weapon, or at least 2H Bretonnian Sword and a Flail and Shield! We dont have this so far and it would be a cool addition i think for GK.


okay, one GK definetly uses a Flail!
Damn… Fatshark, that would have been the Perfect opportunity for this Combo!


this would’ve been so cool


Shield and flail would be fantastic.


Yes. Yes. 100 times yes!

Also 2h flail for zealot.


I’d like a 2h burning flail for unchained :^)


NO Son, you have your Toy already!




I think a flaming shield would be an interesting concept for Sienna.
Shield + flail/Falchion could also be a Saltz weapon or Rapier + Buckler.


a sword and buckler would be so awesome

also fits saltz perfectly


Noice one, hahahaha


I all for new Toys, however i would like it to be Lore appropiate. I dont mind Krub being a GK all of a sudden with a hidden past of his Family. That is totally fine with me. LIke Milk and Cookies in his Vid says, Gameplay before Lore on Careers.

But im not sure about Mages haviing Shield. At least non Chaos Factions so to speak!

But really, Fatshark bloody missed that one for sure. Would have given a bit more spice to GK and more Variety. What the Heck do i need another Sword and Shield for.
Bretonnian Longsword 2H however, was a superb Addition with its Mechanics. Flail and i cnannot say it enough is missed and would have made GK that much Cooler.

Now in cant wait for my Next Main to be a Engineer or Runelord, oohhh myyyyy! and hes is next in line, if you go like in the Game Menue from Top to bottom!

Yus! With purity seals on it, and spikes. Push attack is a shieldbash that inflicts bleeding. Weapon could either be an epee, falchion, kriegsmesser/langes messer or cavalry sabre. FS pls we need dis.

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Maybe some kind of basket hilted sword (think English Civil War or Scottish examples) with a buckler could work for both Salts and Kruber. Give it regular slashing attacks like SnS and for the heavy attacks H1= Stab, H2 = Elf Sword H3, H3 = Either same as H2 but from the other side or it’s just a vertical two hand grip strike to the head. It should push like a 1 handed sword but it’s push attack should be a punch which if done to the head guarantees a stagger on anything smaller than a chaos warrior. It should also have reposte with stabbing and slashing attacks and it’s special should count as a block with the party trait if timed properly, otherwise you still get hit but maybe take 30-50% reduced damage.

As for shield and flail, I could see the heavies being Sienna’s H1 and then Salt’s heavies reversed. The push attack I think should be a diagonal strike from top left to bottom right with increased crit chance and finesse or armour penetration. Whether they keep the light attacks the same I don’t mind.

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i would like to see Flail as a nice Crowd Control Weapon with wide sweeps and some Overhead Heavy-light combo so you can do 2 Headshots in a row!
That would be really Perfect.

I run GK with Bretonninan Sword mostly and GK SnS all the time. Sometimes you just want that sweet Push block Stab Shieldbash combo which is super nice!
Bretonnian SnS has of the best Combos in my opinion of all the Shielded Weapons and some of the best overall!

PS: Scottish Broadsword sounds nice. They can look really cool, if you take your time o the Hilt.
Somethig like Black Beards one in Black Sails

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Flail and shield is a must, especially now that we have a grail knight. But i doubt we’ll be seeing any new weapons for Kruber anytime soon


They already have the flail model on Saltz, this should be an easy new weapon for GK.

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My thoughts indeed…

This is why i dont understand it, the had all the Assets already, and rather than making somethig new and Unique they decided for 2 Swords oin GK sadly !

I like the sword and board, it is the staple for GKs.
I agree with their choice to start him off with the weapons they picked. IMO the flail and shield should come afterwards, maybe even as a GK exclusive. The problem with FS and “afterwards” is that it usually means months.

Yah i like the Weapon Behaviour aswell, but still, that could have been done with Flail aswell, RIGHTAWAY!

Push Block- Overhead Swing-Shieldbash Combo could have been possible with Flail definetly.
Normal attacks Widesweeps etc.

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