Zealot flail

What is this utter garbage?
we went from everyone using falchion to everyone using axe.
I would like to use the flail, but I think the feeling is completely wrong.
I wonder if any of you (@developers) ever tried a morning star flail. No? Then try it and fix this lolly pop.

Maybe if you insult them and their products some more they’ll fly you over to their studio so you can personally direct their development team.


good advice, I’ll think about it.


I’ve actually had a few buddies who quite enjoyed the heavy-flail, but they weren’t trying to min-max with them so I don’t know whether or not you are in the same boat as they were. That being said; what part of the feeling is throwing you off? Too little damage? Too slow? Too awesome-looking?

I don’t often play good ol’ Saltzy, but I think it’s fun to pick up characters and compare opinions on them. Personally, I really enjoy the feeling of dropping a power-attack on a Storm-Vermin or Chaos Warrior. Perhaps not as effective as the Anti-Armor weapons, but certainly fun!

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Before the last “balance update” during one of the different patch time interval the flail was giving a very good feeling of incapacitating hard hitter.
Right out of the game launch, it was a weak slow hard to manage weapon. Then it changed to a strong hitter slow hard to manage weapon, and this is what it should be.
Now it really feels like a flurrying lolly pop.
It is awesome looking and it was extremely satisfying.
It feels like a ping pong ball bouncing around.
But the morning star is a heavy, hard to manage iron ball.
Should be more BONK SDENG than flipflapflopflipflapflop


What is this utter garbage post? Lol. A little detail about what you don’t like and why goes a long ways…

Also I use the flail all the time, and I see plenty of other zealots doing so too.


mm I don’t I’m quite sure I saw more axes. But I didn’t keep a track of it, so maybe it’s just me being annoyed. I’ll double check.

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The axe just got buffed so a lot of people are going to be using it to try it out after the changes, especially since it was so terrible before.


I understand your point, the axe became the new way to go, like the falchion before. (truth is I saw a axes/falchions and no flail at all)


when i was grinding out the 100 legend win on zeolot i found the flail to be the best weapon , infact i would go so far as to say of all the weapons it has the best affect on the odds of winning a map.

huge fast wide stagger, 3 and 4 melt armour and the damage isnt bad across th board but its the cc it brings that make it good.


when it was? after the last patch?

One of my great downfalls is that I’ve never actually cared about the numbers behind a weapon; I wield them for style points. This being said, Flaggelant Saltzy is so thematic that nothing could keep me away from him!

All of my flail work happened pre-rebalance, so I can’t speak to how awesome/not awesome it is now. I think part of the issue with the “reality vs efficiency” thing is that in real life, a flail does one big smooshing attack with huge recovery and windup… but that is difficult to make viable in VT2. However, that being said, I think I’ll go take a look at him tonight and see what his combos feel like just so that I can empathize rather than sympathize with you.

Perhaps, if enough people feel the same way, we could see a few damage amps to the flail!

Flail is absolutely fantastic on Zealot.
When using this build:
| 2 | 2 | 2 | 1/2 | 2 |


PvChaos 10%
Crit Chance 5%
Swift Slaying

+2 Stamina
+20% HP

PvChaos 10%
PvInfantry 10%

Curse resistance 33%
Crit Chance 5%

Once you get your 6 stacks (easy enough since all you have to do is take damage), use Holy Fervour to charge at the next horde and fill up your THP - keep running forwards while attacking everything nearby.
At 6 stacks:

  • your L1, L2 and Push attack 1 deals 19.5 damage to Chaos, killing even fanatics in a single swing.
  • L3, L4, Pushattack 2 and 3 deals 30 damage to Chaos.

Laugh as the only thing you can’t just ignore or straight up out-trade is multiple elite enemy overheads in too close succession, and even if you do take 10 consecutive overheads in a 6 second window, you always have Heart of Iron to give you plenty of time to save your arse or just get that 1 CW kill that will net you a massive THP boost or when using THP on cleave, bash away at the highest patch of density you have nearby. If you’re really in a rush to get back in to tip top shape, you always have the option of “Holy Fervour’ing” your way to full health once more.
Laugh even harder when you bash around an entire Stormvermin patrol, bypassing shields and use them as living punching bags, unable to retaliate as they helplessly are molested by your savage blows.
If you do however get in to trouble just use Holy Fervour to get any lost HP back.
In vanilla legend this build is so strong that with THP on cleave you can basically hit-trade with Rogers and trolls, while with THP on kill, you’re basically unkillable without the presence of a monster or being disabled.
On top of this massive toughness and ability to generate THP, as well as 30% increased damage, you also have access to the Crossbow and BoP, which are among the fastest, most reliable weapons to deal with specials and elites with as well.
You’ll put that Halberd/2-Handed Merc to shame with ease.



Is this all post-balance (haven’t played ol’ Saltzy in a few months)? If so, hot damn! I gotta get me some of that sweet, sweet flail action! Even so, I think it would be good for me to get online and run a round or two with it just to see how it pans out for myself before passing judgement.


Yes it is so in the current live build - and that is not even showing the potential of all the juicy crits you get.



Death-Flail confirmed, December of 2018.

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I agree: it is totally outperformed… Imho flail should be a weapon with less damage than falchion (the other 1H crowd control weapon) but with swept attacks and a lot of cleave. So: less damage but more control.

I agree with you, but seems people prefer the current setup

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