The state of flails

As you may know, Saltzpyre’s flail used to be able to chain two heavy attacks together while only charging one, which made it an extremely powerful weapon and a viable choice, likely to be very strong in the stagger-heavy meta of Winds of Magic, that all changed when patch 2.0 dropped.

Double heavy was taken away from Saltzpyre’s flail, with some increases to mobility in an attempt to compensate for this loss. Sienna’s flail can still chain two heavies together, and with the strength of the first heavy and competition among Sienna’s weapons, if double heavy were removed the fire flail would still be a viable option.

However Saltzpyre’s flail on the other hand, is genuinely one of the worst weapons in the entire game at this point, and easily the worst in his arsenal. Let’s take a look at the weapon:

Flail is supposed to be a versatile offensive stagger-focused weapon, controlling crowds and locking down single elites. However, it fails to do anything beyond staggering a single elite enemy (given that it wasn’t attacking before), or sweeping the trash to the side with a heavy attack while the berserkers are completely unphased and will punish you for even thinking of attacking.

It’s worse than billhook at staggering, worse than every other option at dealing damage, still has poor mobility, and a slow block to top it all off.
Double heavy was the only thing saving this weapon, if you’re going to allow Sienna to get away with it you should either bring it back to Saltzpyre’s flail, or please the masses by giving the weapon a reason to exist.

Currently, Saltzpyre’s flail isn’t the best in his kit at a single job, and is by far the worst at many.

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