Help deciding if Sienna's new weapon is worth it

Just wanted to make a quick post asking people’s opinions on her new weapon. I tried it during the beta, and it felt really clunky to me and got me killed more than anything.

Is the weapon worth it? Is it better or on par with Flaming Sword for DoT application and Horde stagger potential?

Would the weapon work well with BWiz or are her other two careers the better options for this weapon?

I like it. Good control, decent damage depending on what you fight. I prefer mixing up charged and light attacks + push-stabs quite a bit.

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When it comes to stagger/dot application flame sword beats it in spades. If you’re running BW and are using stagger temp health and burn damage +150% flame sword is top tier. The flame flail only applies burn damage on its first charges attack and only actually applies it to a single target. (Nearby enemies will receive the fire animation, but take no damage. Tested in modded realm.) That said the flail still an outstanding weapon. Mostly the same as Saltys flail only with more options (burn application, and overhead charge attack). While crowbill still has it beat in armor damage the flail has better attack strings and “good enough” armor damage to be used in virtually any situations. Fantastic all around weapon and easy to build around. Great for both pyro and unchained. (Not that battle wizard can’t also make good use of it).


Just like to echo it’s great on pyro and unchained.