Is Flaming Flail's Heavy 1 ever going to get fixed?

This bug seems to have been acknowledged way back when WoM first launched but hasn’t been addressed since… Is this intentional? Or are we ever going to see this attack fixed?
As we saw in the latest Weapon Rebalance mod, modders were able to fix this issue, so I assume it shouldn’t be too difficult for FS to implement.


When this first came up, they said that the effect was somehow derived from the bomb explosion and that they cannot fix it.

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Judging by how they also stopped that attack from generating much stagger THP, I’d say it’s intentional and FS thinks the weapon is strong enough, seeing as fixing that issue would essentially be a buff.

If that is why I’m fine with it, but It would be nice to have this clarified by a FS member.

Not even talking about the stagger THP, just the fact that the explosion doesn’t even apply DoT or any damage in the AoE but still shows burning.
Also, modders fixed it in the “Weapon Rebalance” mod so surely FS can too.


Can? Probably.
Want? Likely not as much as you.
Will? We’ll see it when it happens.

Once you’re here long enough, you’ll learn that you can re-create a gazillion topics we discussed in these 2 years several times already, Hedge / Julia will tell you that they received the feedback and the devs were notified and find that nothing happens.
The leadership at FS and the priorities they set for the employees to work on is very “unique” - and I don’t mean this in a positive way.
They have adapted the idSoftware philosophy of “it will be done when it’s finished” they just forgot the part where you have to have the track record of quality work to precede this kind of attitude.


It does burn them but only those that you cleaved. Its have already amazingly high stagger, why you want to buff it even more?

And weapon buffing everything to point of op balance mod is not good example :slight_smile:


First time I used it I fell in love. Its stupid strong!

Do you know if the visual burning effect from the aoe of the overhead bomb counts for Enfeebling Flames (makes burning enemies do 30% less damage)?

Anything that you cleaved with that attack will have dot applied on it, rest is stagger

To be honest, it’s just not that great at killing hordes. Like you said, the stagger is amazing, but the dot is applies to almost no enemies. This means that it will take a lot longer to kill a horde with it than it would with the light chain.
This isn’t necessarily bad, and I’m not saying it needs a buff, but I think the attack gives off the wrong impression to many players who don’t go on these forums and don’t know that the attack does no AoE damage, and that it shouldn’t be used as horde clear, but as horde control.

By the way, I wouldn’t mind too much if it remained as is, but it would be nice to have some sort of confirmation from FS that it’s working as intended.

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The answer is probably no, haven’t seen clarification on the explosion, but it was trivially easy to fix, which tells me probably intentional despite the inconsistency of setting enemies on fire with the explosion and dealing no damage.

They did mention previously that they couldn’t make the explosion generate stagger temp HP as it was not technically possible (even though they wanted it to), I’ll take them at their word that they probably mean that it’s not possible without it doing damage (as that’s the only change I’ve really noticed from the WOM beta where it did generate stagger temp HP).

Although the explosion on flaming flail is coded to do no damage, they use an actual damage profile (a direct damage profile, like a grenade) for the AOE stagger explosion which causes enemies to visually be set on fire, and no the damage profile they use does not have a DOT associated with it. I guess they just don’t have a workaround for this inconsistency without making it deal damage since they haven’t fixed this either (or they haven’t bothered).


What good is a flaming weapon that doesn’t set things on fire?


It does sets things on fire, it just doesn’t set as many things on fire as the fire sfx would lead you to believe.

If you’ve played the mod feel free to give feedback on the thread. Would love to hear what you feel is OP.

Well then. What good is a flaming explosion that doesn’t explode in flames?

Inb4 fatshark: to remove confusion and inconsistencies, flaming flail heavy now ignites the entire horde!

I hope not. I love the Flaming Flail but the Charge 1 attack is already ridiculously strong with the ability to stop a CW overcharge. If that is really so confusing to people I would prefer for Fatshark to just remove the burning visuals from the enemies around the impact. The main target burns anyway.

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I was being sarcastic :slight_smile: because they made dot’s apply to super armor to remove inconsistencies aswell, which broke kaboom lingering even more.

I know that you were sarcastic. I just wanted to say it anyway and took the opportunity. Because if I look at other threads here in this forum then I am honestly baffled at what people consider balanced.

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Yeah it doesn’t need the help. It really is a shame the visuals are so misleading though. If you’re a newer player trying out the flaming flail, you’re bound to think it’s BS if you find out the burning is visual only.

Have they said the burning visual is something they can’t remove?

Do you realize how bad the dps is on flail? And does it stop a CW overhead on bodyshot? If so, what difficulty?

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