Flaming flail

The explosion from the first heavy attack of the flaming flail generate no temporary health, since it is a powerfull stagger I think it would be fitting if it worked with the temp hp on stagger talent.


Yeah I really don’t see how it would be more broken than flame sword charge attack 1 spam so it seems fair enough to me. THP is just in a rough spot at the moment for balance generally. Most weapons have one viable THP option and some have none for certain careers. It’s really limiting build variety and weapon options sadly.


because flaming sword dont give a lot of ap power and flail is ap monster ?
Devs already saids its engine limitation not their design

They literally told me to post this piece of feedback as a separate thread, and I was told they were not sure of the specifics since it worked in the WoM beta.


Apart from temp hit generation: It would be nice if the burning effect caused by the explosion (not just the initial hit itself) actually did something.

Right now, enemies are knocked away and have a burning visual effect applied on them by the explosion. However, they don’t seem to take any damage at all, neither from the blast or the burn. It’s quite confusing, especially when you use talents like Lingering Flame and Burning Dregs.


If I’m not wrong, it doesn’t just ‘seem’ like they take no damage: they actually take no damage. The shockwave is purely for knockback and has no other function than that and looking cool (or at least that’s how it was visualized when Oenkrad was doing his tests).


Yes, that was exactly what I was saying. A pure cosmetic burn, instead of a real one.


On kill, if they die to the burn, it doesn’t give temp health with the selected talent, yet dagger poison and other dots do count.

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