Temp health on cleave not working?



You in weaves? You have unlocked talents again in weaves. Also, temp hp was nerfed a bit as well. It’s hard to get now, check out the patch notes.

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Temporary health on cleave is completely broken. Playing Dark Omens on Legend. You can’t generate any health no matter the weapon. Not a single bit. :frowning:

Seems like Exan and Nayre have reported the same thing.


Yeah, @Haybear and I did multiple games, and then did a game on crit/headshot (and I had boon on, too), and was still getting only bits and pieces. Hope it’s not intentional, feels very painful and forces you into characters like merc, etc. to try and keep the party alive.


Thp on kill is very powerfull right now. Cleave dont give on 1 enemy hit (not sure if dont work at all or what)
but on stagger works good and on headshot crit same.

Yes cleave one is either heavily nerfed or totally bugged currently. Even on mercenary kruber you barely even see the white bar moving and its actually 10x better running mercenary’s pride now as stupid as that sounds.

Currently temp health on cleave is producing [0,0.5,0.5,0.5,0.5] from [1,1.25,1.25,1.25,1.5] about 70% reduction if you are hitting 5 units


well, its depending on the hp of the killed enemy and all enemies have now more life XD

Actually no, it was based on units not hp, because on harder better faster stronger you still get same thp for kills or that deed was just some warpfackery

If intentional, that is an insanely heavy handed nerf.

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