Temp hp on cleave buff

The most recent buff to temp hp on cleave still puts the talent in a spot where it is heavily outdone by the other temp hp talents.


As Slayer I concur. Slayer’s Fury (tHP on melee killing blows) surpasses Doomseeker against elites as well as against hordes.

it is EXACTLY where it should be…before it worked with hitting a single target…so you could fill up yur temp hp while hitting a boss…

now you actually need to cleave…

Can you give an example where the cleave talent outshines any other temp hp talent? As is, even with cleave heavy weapons on someone like slayer(who has high power and high attack speed) you are better off taking the alternative whether you are facing a horde or elites. This is cata for reference.

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I agree, using 2 handed sword on zealot using heavy attacks and thp on cleave still doesn’t feel that rewarding. I’d rather use on kill 90% of the time with the exception being maybe rat hordes

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I agree. Temp HP in general should be buffed.

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THP on cleave in its current state should be removed. It does not keep up with anything else on the row. You gotta remember that health share is like a double pot if everyone is around. A fullish health bars worth of extra healing.

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You can still do this with boon on necklace. It’s just way weaker than THP on kill.

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it’s not every hit though, boon + 6 stacks of holy fortitude is still underwhelming.

It’s 0.5 on first mob hit I think, so 2x hits will give 1 THP? Seems to be working this way. Which is why it feels so much better on fast attack weapons like Dual Daggers or S&D. Which is not what the Devs were going for XD Either way, it’s not as good as THP on Kill.

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I’ve had to check to see if THP on Cleave was working multiple times. On Kill is superior in any place where I have had room for THP.


I would prefer if it gives thp with dismissing values the more you hit, like
1-0,75-0,75-0,5-,05-,025 etc That way its still doable with low cleave weapon and not overpowered with high cleave weapons

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It would be more fun if the temp hp was more of a specialty counter talent. Like one for Hordes, One for armored opponenets (Elites) and Specials, and one for Monsters. As of now, there’s a severe overlap in functionality. Making some temp hp talents strictly better than others.

Then again, it’s meant to be used on higher-cleave weapons. Not necessarily the absolute highest, but at least moderate. It’s pretty much there in the community’s name for the Talents: THP on Cleave. (Okay, the description doesn’t mention cleave, but it’s “hitting multiple enemies on one strike”, I think.) Front-loaded like that, it would certainly make it more effective on low-cleave weapons - and make it relatively useless on high-cleave ones, again making On Kill probably more effective on those.

On my side, I can’t talk about the current balance, as I haven’t gotten to play yet after the last update, but judging by the numbers, it might still be a bit too ineffective. If that is indeed the case, I’d like to see it get more back-loaded again, giving extra returns on the third target and beyond.

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Careers that only have THP on Cleave and THP on Stagger are automatically gimped in the THP department if they take a weapon with bad CC and bad cleave.

imo THP needs a proper rebalance, it’s clear THP on Kill wasn’t considered when the enemy HP increases were done, and treating cleave alone only makes things more imbalanced.


THP on cleave is in a bad spot right now. Still, after the buff. I cant find a situation when it would be bettwr than alternatives.


Just get rid of the system. It’s had its flaws since it was created (player competition, bad balance) and the only reason it was sort of well recieved was because it was a blow to the ranged metagame.

“IMHO they should just merge THP on cleave and kill and base it on damage dealt and everybody would be happy. It would work with high cleave weapons and with single target weapons, with hordes, elites and bosses, and nobody would be mad about dealing high dmg to a tough target just to have that kill stolen by a teammate. Just leave THP on stagger for low dmg weapons. Head/crit works on some careers (not BH) but it would also be redundant (crits and headshots mean more dmg). So everybody could have the same choice: THP on stagger, THP on damage or healshare.”

It’s not my idea, but it’s so on point

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