Overnerf to temp health on cleave

I tried running the perks that grant temporary health on cleave using Markus’ Mercenary class and an executioner sword light attack (horizontal cleave). You generate significantly less temp health than what you get from just killing the low-hp rats outright with the other temp health talent. It’s so low that it seems completely impractical to ever use temp health on cleave any more as a talent, since it doesn’t work for the one class that has extra super cleave. The “fix” to the crit and headshot temp health talent also serves to make temp health in general a relatively insignificant mechanic in this patch since the melee classes can’t trade blows at all any more.

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There’s already threads going on this,

It appears to be bugged. Giving 0 THP on first mob cleaved and then 0.5 for each after.


oh oops I searched but relevance filter ignores date and date is all super irrelevant

Yeah. Needs a fix. Not really worth taking right now.

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