Temp Health on Hit

Is it supposed to be this bad now? It feels nearly useless.

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Its as it was, only cleave was changed to not give thp on 1 enemy hit

It appears to be bugged people are saying. Don’t forget, this is a beta.


It does feel bugged. No health on one enemy hit (might be intentional), but even when you hit multiple enemies you get nothing back.

And you think somthing will change at 13? Keep dreaming like F76 players :confused:

All we needed was to make 4 talents on the row of temp hp.
On kill by target hp
On headshot
On multiple hit
Share heal
(if there is something I forgot, than 5 talents on one row)

And let people to select what we want. There are weapons that are headshot fishing, there are weapons that are cleaving manace, and to each we need to have proper talents. Let us choose what we want, personally I will allways take temp hp on headshot over temp hp on kill if only I could. Just knowing that I am rewarded for it is enough for me. But this talent is really rare.

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I miss temp on Kill on my WHC, I spend 500 hours practicing killing small rats when need HP, I guess will need to readjust to regain white health diferent way :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also somehting i miss more than temp HP, is my Heresy talent, for me it was mandatory, because i hate concept being grabed then being one shoted by other mob, being grabed is bad enough but now being one shoted , this talent prevented that scenario in past but now is gone.

It’s pushed out to everyone and no one can opt out of it. It is not a beta in any sense of the word.

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