THP on cleave

While I defintly like the change so you dont get any for 1st target hit Id really love to give this talent some power back.
Right now even for cleave focused weapons like exe or halberd you only really get some (with alot of work) thp gainst hordes. Outside of that youre mostly out of thp the whole run. Which is a bid weird. Increasing the number would be great here to bring it in line with the other talents now.


Pretty sure its just bugged right now. Even on 5 targets hit it feels like you only gain 1 thp back. Don’t have any way to currently test this but its not much higher than that.

AFAIK, it’s 0.4 HP per body hit right now. I think 1 HP for two bodies hit should be baseline.

The numeric mod seems to be working on official. So you’re able to see how much HP you get per hit.

Cleave seems to give 0 on the first, then 0.5 for each hit after. I’m assuming this is a bug, if not, there has been enough uproar that I assume it will be changed.

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I really cannot see that being intended behavior when every other gives pretty much double/triple amount even in worst case scenarios.

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Yea, the crit/headshot THP talent is weird as well. It only seems to give 1THP on head shots. I think THP is decaying instantly now. So as soon as you get the first tick of 2 THP, it instantly drops 1 THP. It’s gotta be a bug.


Yes i also noticed that the thp drops earlier and i’d say it even decays slightly faster now. Haven’t really tried the crit/headshot one yet so cant comment on that one.

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The angry edgy nerd in me would be making crass comments about FS using this beta for more heavy handed experiments again :roll_eyes:

Tried it with zealot, 90% thp talent, get 6 power stacks and hit horde with flail, thp returns were abysmal. Couldn’t maintain more than a couple percents worth of thp during hordes. Just saying, seems a little extreme.

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Make sure you use THP on kill now and not THP on cleave. Cleave is currently bugged.


Is it just me or is temp health on kill stronger than it used to be? Was keeping me really topped up just on hordes which I don’t remember being the case.

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I think it would be time to improve THP on stagger as well, unless you have a shield it gives back incredibly low health (and i tried it with a 2h hammer FK with the 35% stronger stagger talents).
They could tweak the shields so they give less THP back compared to the other weapons, and increase the general effectiveness.

What would be best, imho, is to always have the choice between the type - stagger, cleave, kills, hs/crits - of temporary health you want. Would it be to much to move that to the necklaces and get talents to choose between healshare, barkskin, or natural bond?

so, using THP on kill and HM with glaive seems to be viable. I’ll test more.

THP on cleave indeed seems to be bugged, I tried to use it with several weapons yesterday and I never had any situation where I could see that I accumulated any temporary health. (tested glaive and 1h sword)

THP on stagger is bad as well, bad THP generation on top of general difficulty increase just makes it even harder to judge it correctly.

I think you need to use pushes for it, or big weapons that have a lot of stagger effect like shield bashes and hammers.

Can echo this from my own playing. It tends to work really well.

Heal share is one of the talents, so that should be on neck, too. However, I like the general premise you have. Except, id say boon, bond, and barkskin.
Side note: people please stop using bond. It’s trash. It’s not good. That build you think it’s good for? It’s not optimal. :grin:

It’s not optimal, but for some builds it’s a viable choice that enables “party share heal” talent, 2 bad I don’t remember it’s name.

Am I correct in saying that THP on stagger gives nothing if the enemy is already staggered or if the hit kills the enemy?

It seems awesome on host because you are hitting things first most of the time, but pathetic off host because latency.

I dont think THP on kill is stronger per se. For example its trash against slave rats still. It perhaps feels better than before against gors, but there were no gors before. Gors certainly give good thp on kill.

I think you might think it better because gors give good thp on kill?

And also, other thp talents seem to be nerfed. It feels relatively better than it used to in relation to the other talents.