THP Rework

Since THP on cleave talents are not that good anymore, and ranged meta is bacisally back, how about the following rework:

  1. Every career gets THP on meelee kill talent;

  2. Healing share talents remain untouched;

  3. Depending on career type (meelee, ranged, tank), if such sort can be applicable, career get one of three talents:

  • THP on multiple strikes for a ranged career

  • THP on crit or headshot for a meelee one

  • THP on stagger for a tank;

and make all three talents independent from meelee.

What do you think about that?

Out of curiosity, why are THP talents separate from weapons to begin with? Unless there’s something i’m missing, as far as i’m aware there’s almost always an optimal selection. Unless you happen to like healshare, there aren’t any real choices to make.

THP is such a weird mechanic.


I mean, you could get THP from ranged kills, bombs, etc pre1.6 (can’t remember what version of the game it was), and suggest to bring it back at least partially because why not. That’s about.

The problem with THP is not that it’s too easy to get, but that’s it’s too easy to KEEP.

IMO the best fix would be to put the talents back to 1.7 status, and double the decay rate for THP. If it was actually temporary, then you couldn’t live off of it all the time anymore, but it would still fill it’s purpose as a defense against horde AI shenanigans.


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