Idea for solving temp hp talent across the board for all careers

So the way it is now, we choose between 2 predetermined talents to gain THP. The 2 choices (whether it be stagger, kill, crit, etc) sometimes don’t work for some careers and a lot of the times some weapons don’t synergize well and are not optimal for different builds and play styles. I’m not saying it doesn’t work now, it just forces us to play a certain way. Anyways, here’s my idea.

ONE TALENT FOR TEMP HP. We choose it from… lets say a dropdown for example. That way we have control on that part of the game for that build. This option will open up one new talent slot in the level 5 talents for you guys to add. WE ALL LOVE TALENTS :+1:


I mean… at that point just make it a passive.

Not that I completely disagree, either. We wouldn’t be trying so hard to solve the thp problem if a certain cleave talent worked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I don’t care how it’s practically implemented, just give us access to all THP talents for all characters so we have some damn choices.

And yeah obviously fix THP on cleave. No idea how that one has been left as is for so long. @Fatshark_Hedge any plans to make THP on cleave useable again? Haven’t seen a single person say it’s ok as it currently is.


thp needs to be removed from the game period. i purposely pick the last talent just to avoid getting thp and i rarely die on legend.

what fatshark could do is add a group thp on ult to the tank classes (like they did with UC) and put a role lock to make sure only one tank can join each group. i hardly ever see anyone play footknight or unchained anymore. i think giving the tank classes a more supportive talent that benefits the whole team would be good.

that way you dont end up joining a legend/cata game with all squishy dps classes that die in 2 seconds. you would have a tank that acts like a group healer and set the ult timer to 2 minutes or more and that would make the game more cooperative.

it might even allow players to stick together more as there would be someone there to help them stay healthy and to keep trash off of them. just like in mmo games.

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Sorry but I totally disagree. tHP is a Vermintide 2 mechanics and it must just remain. Moreover forcing “at least one tank” would be totally impossible to realize, and it would destroy the entire matchmaking system.

Apart this, returnig in topic, I would like to see tHP like a passive (to choose from the entire pool of tHP talents).


Same, I think that THP should be a passive on all careers that you get to choose, instead of unlocking such an important mechanic at level 5 (I mean, imagine if you had to unlock stagger as a talent?)
Remember the days when THP was unlocked on lvl20? It made you very weak before you had it.


if you need thp that badly then you need to look how to mitigate damage better. i dont use either talents or use healing pots unless i go down but i rarely go down.

Sorry friend, what is this arrogance? It seems just a “masked” git gud. How do you know if I need tHP so badly or if I play better than you? You, guys, must learn that people can have opinions regardless their skill. Vermintide 2 is a totally different game compared with the first chapter. It has different mechanics and tHP is one of them. A fundamental one, because, seeing how V2 is structured, you can take some unpredictable damage.


You’re playing on Legend. It’s not exactly the hardest of difficulties. If you really want to put your skills to the test, then try out hypertwitch or C3O.


I would say thp for kill is no-brainer and should be allowed for elf only :kissing_heart:
Male it so only careers with “assassin” talent have option to gain thp on kill

Flawed premise, no evidence and poisoning the well. Issue with 1 unbalanced talent is not a reason to remove the entire mechanic. Centralizing THP on 1 character to ‘allow’ players to follow 1 tank around is just making the entire game an escort mission. THP on cleave is easily fixed


idk if the role lock comment was an attempt at trolling. imagine role locked in a game with this few of a player-base lmao. all for one tank with a support ult and a deletion of a core mechanic in the game?? yea… how about no.

back to topic: so you guys are saying a passive that you can choose which THP talent? that works. this option however, would open up 2 talents in the level 5 slots for our heroes. could that be a tall order? :thinking:

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THP isn’t at a good spot now, at least for specific Talents. That much I agree with completely. But I’m not sure changing the system to a kind of choice that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the game would really help. And including every THP option in one Talent wouldn’t really help with Talent choices either - the majority would still choose the THP Talent. Also, chances are that the options would still be imbalanced, and people would still pick the most effective options - in the current form, On Kill or sometimes On Stagger. Not much of a solution, I think, and would highlight the balance troubles.

I think the solution most likely to be successful and balanced would be to give a low basic THP income - from each enemy hit, from each strike that hits, or even just a slow passive regen while in combat - that could be quite enough for some people, but also could be augmented by Talents on a Career-by-Career basis with multiple options. Balance so that the final result (with all Talent augmentations) is equivalent to the higher generation rates right now (most likely hitting the level of good On Stagger, or On Kill), and that there were two or maybe three tiers of Talents with at least one THP augmentation option for each Career.

I think that kind of system would increase the possible options, and make balancing things easier as shifting a single option wouldn’t break the balance for the whole thing.

As for removing the whole system: It’s so ingrained in the whole game (and there are enough sources of functionally unpreventable damage for the vast majority of players) that it’d effectively break the game. And role lock would be pretty much impossible to establish, as there really are no hard-set roles in this game, and specifically no genuine tanks. Some Careers are “tanky”, and many have some clear “default” roles, but any Career can be built to handle many different things depending on setup. While Huntsman is always mostly a ranged fellow, he acts very differently depending on whether you carry a Blunderbuss or a Handgun - and a Waystalker can be built to decimate hordes, Bosses, or Elites and Specials.


I mean… at that point just make it a passive.

I actually like this idea


I see the point of talents as facilitating different play choices within a class. Each character has a variety of weapons. While normally I like the talents to be features specific to a particular class I think standard THP talents for all classes make sense. If i change my weapon it is usually because I intend to change my play somewhat around that weapon. Having all options open as to how the player wants to use their weapon to generate THP gives the most game play variety.


That said I don’t have a problem with general THP provided we balance that it would not be gotten from all actions/selected actions. Though this has the problem of making OP weapons even more OP because if they do everything well they now generate THP doing everything.

Bounus: If they redo crafting we can add it in as an additional trait slot (not replacing have THP be its own slot) so then we can loadout weapons based on our playstyle with them.


It might be worth just going back to the V1 system of chance to get HP/THP on hit/kill and tying it back to weapons.

I remember somebody once had a great suggestion: Make THP generation not dependant on class, but instead an inherent characteristic of each weapon, and have it always make sense for that weapon. For example: Shields and hammers generate THP on stagger, Greataxe on kill, Rapier on headshots & crits, Sword on cleave, etc…

This would make a lot of sense. Because right now, a class’ THP talents really restrict weapon choice. Want to play one handed Axe on Ranger? Too bad, no way to generate THP on it. Better resort to Dual Hammer again. Shield on a Mercenary? Yeah, sounds cool, but no way to Generate THP so better take the Executioner… again. Play anything on Footknight that isn’t a shield? Better brace for a tougher run. Weapon choice right now is greatly determined by which THP-skills a class has at its disposal. If a weapon could always generate THP in a way that makes sense for it, it would be tremendously less restrictive.

You could still incentivise specific weapons and playstyles by class as well with this change. For example: Footknight gets an inherent (weaker) THP-on-stagger talent, and Shade an inherent THP-on-kill talent, etc… Or just prevent weapons for certain classes, but I wouldn’t be a fan of that since I’d like more viable options, not less.

Just saw that @Sevensreturn suggested pretty much the same thing above, with the idea of adding the THP-talent as a second trait to all weapons. That would work well!


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