Drastic way to create new build diversity

What if instead of getting a nice pat on the back for hitting level 35, you are given another talent point that you can put into any level minus some conflicts and really broken combos.

After playing the chaos wastes, I’ve realized that a lot of talent picks are decent+, and one issue is that one talent just over shines the others.

I think it would be interesting being able to run smiter for the 20% crit chance on zealot, getting the extra 5% for the witch hunter tag or the attack speed buff for tagging and other good but overshadowed talents being used.

Problematic ones include castigate vs smiter for zealot, abandon for unchained, running healshare is throwing without the temp hp generation, unchained and pyros thp talent, etc


As fun an idea as this is, I feel like sooner or later people would narrow it down to one or two optimal picks depending on weapons/personal preference and we’d be back at square one.

An immediate problem I can see with it would be people taking two THP talents (namely Cleave & Stagger for weapons than can do both well, Cleave and Kill for the rest) which would leave careers with weaker THP talents (THP on Crit in general atm, Stagger & Kill as they have negative synergy) behind and it’d add the further problem that, if FS nerf the individual THP generation talents, it’d force anyone who doesn’t double dip to start doing so to make up for the lost THP.

Getting a second THP generation talent in Chaos Wastes on many careers is already far, far better than Boon of Shallya and other healing boosts.


Obvious powercreep aside, you either pick the extremely broken stuff or if that is conflicted somehow then just take the next best thing. It barely makes the build diversity better, I’d say it makes it so you can have everything you want far easier without making any potential sacrifices.

Double thp was already mentioned, but it could easily just be whc with flense/deathknell and suddenly we are in the next level of power scale that is impossible to balance properly.


Yeah as others have fairly well pointed out, that would just create an even bigger balance fustercluck than we have now, and at the pace FS deals with balancing, I struggle to imagine an end point from this wouldn’t basically be a complete mess.

No need to over complicate things, some talents need tuning down, some need tuning up, others need replacing. That’s the simple albeit by no means quick or easy fix to build diversity. And, y’know, fixing those stagger/THP talents that have been talked to death at this point.


Agree with what was said already. This suggestion would not add much diversity because people would narrow it down to the most powerful choice soon enough, while the powercreep would be insane. In the end you’d end up with even less diversity because the discrepancy in power between builds would be so big.

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