If you want to increase build diversity change level 5 talents

Let me preface this by saying I really think the upcoming rebalance is a good thing as there are a few builds and weapon choices that are optimal for each class that you always see (shade + DD, zealot +AF… etc.). Increasing the number of viable builds really increases the replayibility of the game.

While I applaud the aim of the rebalance I think that the level 5 talents for thp/hp generation also need to be made less restrictive so that ANY weapon can be played on ANY career. Right now, the level 5 talents really restrict what weapons will be viable of which careers.

The level 5 talents are basically: THP on kill, THP on headshot/crit, THP on stagger, THP on striking multiple enemies, and Share Healing. Whichever 3 of these a class has really influences what weapons are viable.

For example, Ranger veteran has THP on stagger, THP on multiple enemies, and Share Healing. The consequence of this is that 1H-hammer, 2H hammer, and Shield + Axe synergize with the stagger talent so are viable, but if you want to play RV with a 1H axe it’s just a lot worse 'cos it doesn’t stagger and has low cleave so you can’t efficiently generate THP. 1H axe would be fine with headshot/crit or kill THP talents but this isn’t an option.

I know it’s boring but if you really want to make ALL weapons viable on ALL classes you should change the level 5 talents so that they are the SAME 3 options on every class and a player can just pick the one that best synergizes with the weapon they want to use. I’d suggest eliminating the Share Healing talent altogether - I rarely see it used and zealots hate it. I would also eliminate the “Stagger” talent and just give everyone 3 options: THP on kill, THP on multiple, or THP on headshot/crit. These 3 work with all weapons and will allow players to pick any weapon on any class and to still be effective.

EDIT: you should also simplify the level 15 talents. Eliminate Bulwark and keep Smiter, Mainstay, and Enhanced Power. For example, the fact that Unchained can only pick Bulwark, Mainstay, or Enhanced Power but NOT Smiter penalizes a build that uses a dagger.


In all honesty: All Temphealth and Stagger talents should be available for all carreers. It’s just silly that, e.g., HS, a carreer built around headshots with a passive crit bonus, does not get access to the according temp health and stagger talents. Same with Pyromancer.

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On Hit, On Crit/HS, and On Kill for all careers would definitely increase build variety.

The Heal-Share Talent should be moved to the Necklace item as a trait.

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