Increasing Build Diversity and Replayability?


Relatively new to the game but have several hundred hours and comfortable enough with Legend and still loving the game.

Just curious if there has been any request to increase replayability and build diversity by allowing each character to choose a talent from any of the careers at the same level. Talents that affect a toon’s passive and career ability would be excluded but the other general talents should be fair game. This would increase build diversity, fun and replayability. What do you think?

First time I’ve heard anyone suggest this. Anyways, that just seems like a balancing nightmare, way too many variables to consider, and some careers aren’t mean to have certain stats of other careers. They can greatly improve build variety by making the current 3 talents per row actually competitive.


I kinda hate the use of classes in VT2. The only thing that defines them are the ults and passives - all the talents are pretty similar repackaging of modifiers of the same stats: lvl 5 and 15 talents are mostly generic and serve only to restrict weapon choice on some classes (no smiter and THP on kill means 1H axe/dagger are sub optimal on RV/UC), and then the bulk of the other talents are 'do X to buff attack speed/damage reduction/mow speed/power…etc). It’s all really boring and restrictive. It’s especially bad when there is 1 talent on a tier that outshines the other 2 - there is only an illusion of choice.

The ults for some classes are especially OP and just ruin the challenge in the game, particularly the GK and BH that can stomp bosses with little risk.

I’m really hoping we won’t get ults in Darktide and that we get 1 unique skill tree per character (no classes) with meaningful talent that allow us more build diversity than we get with the dumbass class system on VT2. As DT is supposed to be a shooter set in a hi-tech world, I’m also hoping that a lot of the build variety will come from modifications that you can make to your weapons (sights, magazine capacity, ammo types, silencer, grenade launcher attachments) instead of your character skills, and that these weapons are not class restricted if classes exist in DT.

Yeah got to agree with @Rebel here. As fun as borrowing talents from other careers sounds there are simply way too many “go to” options right now and I would expect the diversity to be even worse than it is now or at the very least an absolute balance nightmare.
Like first thing that comes to mind is zealot with something like Charmed life/cast away + flense combined with his other typical picks. It just sounds absurd.

I don’t think this would increase build variety at all honestly, it would just make most careers kind of useless. If they don’t have an insane passive like WHC or aren’t super tanky like IB or FK why would you play them?

I think reworking talents so that there are more distinct builds instead of just “This one increases damage, but less than this other one so there’s no reason to pick it” or a bunch of talents that don’t really support each other, would have a much bigger impact on what you want here.