What if there was no careers, but only skill trees?

What if there was no careers, but only skill trees? What it would be like? Worse? or Better?

What do you think?

Worse. Far worse.


So if i understand correctly you say:

You have one character and that character has acces to all the current talents and can choose a build with all available ones?

Are passives included or not?

Yes, and included.

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Well, you could use a skill tree with specialized branches, but that would end up in the same way, except you would integrate the classes into the skill tree. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the “ability trees” that are currently in V2. In the end 2 rows are not real class skills anyway, because they only determine how you generate temporary life or stagger enemies. I would be happy if I could only vary the special ability, but make it more expressive (20% CDR is really not a creative ability). I think the rest of the class’ abilities could be turned into weapon abilities. :man_shrugging:


That would be a pain to balance, separating skill trees into different careers probably helps in limiting game breaking builds.


So you want to enable something like Zealot with double-shotted ULT skill from Bounty Hunter?

I’m just…


ok I give up. You do you man.


NO! I want to play Zealot charging like the Bull of Ostland, leaving a big f’ing fire trail behind me and disappear into a smoke cloud with a big KABOOM at the end, hitting things like truck with maximum attack speed while shitting bombs for free at the enemy! muhahaha :smiling_imp: Well atleast a man can dream :flushed:

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Whatever it is that you’re smoking, it must be good.
DM me so I can experience it as well.

This isn’t really the correct type of game for big extensive skill trees like that. Also it’d be a mess to balance and destroy a lot of the identity of the game/careers we have


If I’m being honest here I barely understand what exactly you’re even suggesting. So Sienna for instance would be able to choose between the talents of all three classes? How would that work with Ults and passives?

Vermintide isn’t really an RPG at its heart, and I don’t think making it more like an RPG would help it any.

Honestly most of the current system works well, there are just a fair number of tweaks needed, especially regarding THP and stagger talents, but the core systems are good and a rework is only going to set us back at this point.


i want whc with guarantee crit range on kills >:D

I’d be a fan of this idea if done right. Right now ults and passives are what make classes unique. Most talents are completely generic (lvl 5 and 15): do X for increased attack speed/damage reduction/movement etc. Having one unique skill tree for each character would allow the U5 to be different than one another but provide a greater variety of builds for each. (and more combos of hat and costume cosmetics). In the current system, once you pick a weapon for a class then the talent choices at each tier are pretty obvious. Classes are a nice way to for Fatshark to sell DLC, so the cynic in me doesn’t expect it to change in future games like Darktide or VT3. What we need is a Skill Tree Mod that the community can test and iterate on to see if its a better/more fun approach. I agree that balancing would be a nightmare because of the greater number of available builds, but giving players more build options and character customization is kinda the point.

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that would be…a lot of work. hell might not even be technically possible

@MeleeSlaaneshFnE I’ve been reading your posts for the last few weeks and it has come to my attention that you seem to want Vermintide 2 to be a MMO game.

I highly suggest you check out Elder Scrolls Online. It has everything you seem to want for V2 but not possible since V2 is not a MMO game.

I’m assuming this is what he wants for V2:


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