[Suggestion] Skills 2.0

As many threads say that the Skill system needs to be reworked or at least one or two skills i wanted to throw my two cents into the ring regarding that topic about the skill system in Vermintide 2.

Atm the Skills of the Charakters are mostly the same with another name and Picture or do vagly the same thing that makes them mostly uninteresting.

How about we split the Skill system into three topics for the characters.

  1. Character/Career - Skill tree :
    These Skills are related to the Character/Career i.e. Duration of shouts - Armor in percentage during X - Dodge range - Buffs that sort of thing.

  2. Melee - Skill tree :
    This Skill tree is related as the name say - Melee traits - Extra Damage, Crit chance, maybe Stances for Different effect i.e. Offensive Stance = More Damage/Less Block, Defensive Stance = More Block/Less Damage etc.

  3. Ranged - Skill tree :
    This Skill tree covers the capabilities of the Ranged attacks of the Characters, Accuracy on Range, Damage with ranged Weapons, behavious of Ranged Weapons etc.

(I hope its understandable)

So you can Skill the different playstyles of one character independent from each other to mix and match your character to the situation at hand. :slight_smile:


Do you mean 3 skill tree for each Career?

Yes, 3 Trees for Each career - But it would not be necessary - Ranged and Melee for example can be the Same through out all careers the more important tree would be the Character/Career tree the would change with it ^^

Maybe it could be very interesting but it will be a huge balance work I think

Could be, depending how the trees would look like ^^ otherwise you could go more in depth with each tree because you dont need to push everything in one, so you could balance it more or less out with the opportunity to give the career trees something unique that could work well together with others, with that every Character would be in the meta, kinda. Because everyone would have strengths that other characters not have but overall “buff” the group ^^

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interesting idea! Im always in support of more forms of specializing :smiley:

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The only things I wish they would change is some of the most boring, no-choice talents and the final lvl 25 talents that have no impact on gameplay.
Reduced cooldown and increased duration should not be options here. Make changes that affect gameplay. Sienna being able to vent overcharge is a good example. Healing was also a good one until they were turned into temp health.
Those lvl 25 talents should all be options that affect functionality. That add something to the skill, not just an invisible increase to a value.

Sorry, I don’t agree at 100%… we already have three skill tree, and these are the three careers that every characters have.

But you also right, we need more variety, I would be happy about more style… but always within career’s role (for example: an huntsman ranged but nice with bow or with blunderbuss? A footknight tank but more “greed” or with aura bonus?)… anyway some mix careers there would be… for example unchained or BH with bolley xbow.

Good idea, but let’s be honest it’s never going to happen.

If there’s no fundamental flaws or game-breaking bugs that are beyond salvation, they can only work on the existing system no matter how appealing these ideas sound or look.

Besides, the game is not designed to focus on min maxing through a skill tree system. They made 3 careers for each character to give exactly what you wanted - more play styles.

If you were coming up with this during super super early development, after assessing it and it turns out to be a good mechanism to implement into the game, it might happen. But right now, I think a more realistic/ practical way of giving suggestions is to go with what we got at the moment and improve on that - Fatshark is a small company, it takes them weeks to just fix bugs while slowly developing new features, we need to be realistic.

TBH I would like to see a skill points on weapons insted of the random traits and effects we have now. Have 5 points or something to put on a weapon to modify the effects. Or even have a level (10 or something) on weapons so you can stop relying on RNG for getting good stats.