Temp HP on kill replacement/fix for certain classes

Some classes, like Ironbreaker, get 1 very specific talent, that only works with only some of the weapons (f.e. THP on stagger - GL using it with 1h axe) and the alternative is THP on kill.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that some of you may enjoy THP on kill for various reasons. But lets look at other HP generating talents:
THP on cleave - works on bosses, works with most weapons (with only few exceptions - 1h axe? - even dual axes that aren’t known for cleave have enough attack speed to greatly benefit from this talent), get a higher-cleave weapon and you get tons of THP the very second you encounter a horde, works against bosses and lords
THP on crit/headshot - the crit part is build-dependant, but HS bonus is excellent and promotes accuracy and skill - works wonders vs bosses
THP on stagger - doesn’t work vs bosses, but guarantees great results if you are using hammers and similiar weapons, encourages to use high stagger attacks when low on THP, which isn’t always a good thing, but hey, it works and its reliable.

Now THP on kill may work just fine for a Shade that can just DOT the horde into oblivion at high speed and has access to the most devastating melee attacks in game, that allow you to safely remove high-HP enemy, thus gaining a good THP boost at the beginning of encounter. But that’s it. For other classes its quite damn random and encourages toxic behaviour like attacking enemies that are already almost down, just to get that THP spike.
And when you’re slow hitter like IB Bardin with 2h axe, you are not getting that THP more often than not, because elites are main targets whether your teammates are using THP on kill or not - people just love green circles + elite kills are the most satisfying.

The fix is quite easy - change THP on kill to a THP on damage dealt to enemy + kill bonus - and amount of THP should depend on enemy’s “value” and/or armor class, so you’re getting more THP by damaging chaos warrior and way less for hitting marauders.
This way Shade can still get nice burst of THP by slaying CWs, but if she slays the CW you’ve just hit with the fully charged pickaxe and then struck with push-attack for a total of 105dmg, she doesn’t nearly get as much, as she would if she actually attacked a target that was not about to go down.
This way weapons like 1h axe - with low cleave and low stagger - but decent at killing and single-target damage would also bring you a reasonable amount of THP - for IB that would still be less than f.e. with shield/hammer/dual hammers and stagger talent, but it would be way more reliable than it is right now and could bring you some THP when fighting bosses.
So, less random factor, less promotion of toxic behaviour and could be easily balanced by tweaking the “value” of dmg/kills vs different enemy types.

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I agree
Temp hp on kill is the most situational and only few career really benefit from it over all other temp hp talents.
It’s the only talent that needs kills and therefore creates unhealthy competition.

I would like it changed so landing the killing blow is’t as important as before or replace it on careers like BH, that don’t really want to kill elites in melee nor have great kit for it, with any of the other temp hp talents.

I’m still on bord with removing the temp hp talents altogether.

The only thing IB needs is nerf. Everytime i play that class on legend i feel like someone switched the difficulty to recruit.

It’s not about just IB, but about flawed THP talrnt. And BTW I can swim in THP if I take the THP on stagger talent, so fixind THP on kill wouldn’t make IB any better than he is, it would just allow people to select every weapon in his arsenal and be equally good, same for BH and any other class that can usenthis talent. Balance vs other classes is not the point of this topic and BTW they are several classes that trivialize legend too: Merc Krub, footknight Krub, Waystalker, Shade, Handmaiden, WHC, Zealot, Slayer, Unchained, damn even BH and Huntsman can be super effective with a roght build (but yeah, they are more difficult). You can start a new topic where we can discuss how nerfs to IB would magically solve the game’s problems.

I think what’s really broken is the THP on stagger

It’s still worse than THP on cleave and THP on crit/HS assuming you have the right build. Also I’m not saying THP on dmg/kill should grant way more HP than it does rsimply right now it encourages bad behaviour and its pretty unreliable/random unless you’re going solo.

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