Flamin Sword Basic Attacks

Hi there. I like to ask wouldnt it make sense for Sienna’s flaming swords basic (non charged) attacks to set enemies on fire? I mean it visually looks like its on fire all the time. would be great to be able to apply dot with regular attacks since regular enemies like clan rats will die with one hit anyway so I think it wouldnt make it too op but I might be wrong ofcourse. its already slower then regular sword and obviously dagger and most people just go for Crowbill or Mace or Flaming Flail and skipping Flaming Sword all together. adding dot to regualr attacks just make it a more competitive choice overall. I like flaming sword well enough but it left Sienna open to attacks so badly trying to do power attacks all the time. maybe it can apply dot on crits?

The flaming sword is probably the most powerful versatile Sienna’s weapon. It has the H1 with a really good arc, stagger and DoT. The only problem with it is that everyone tends to spam the H1.

I like it a lot but its speed always left you open for counter attacks even with regular strikes.

It‘s the H1 that counts. It suffers from “I’m too greedy” effect, IMHO.

Overall I still think Sienna could use a weapon with a dot effect on regular attacks.

Flaming Sword is currently one of the strongest if not the strongest Sienna weapon.
Just a tip: try doing a heavy and canceling second heavy with a block and repeat this attack rotation.
First heavy puts a fire dot, staggers a lot, heals a lot with THP from Stagger talent and fast enough.
If you want quick fire dots - just use staffs.


But that’s just boring and looks dumb and it’s a dumb meta and I hate it, just like how I hate spamming L1 for halberd.

Yeah, it’s kinda is. Though I can’t lie I enjoy the hell out of staggering stuff or just healing half hp in one heavy.

You don’t have to follow meta if you’re not playing Cata+ stuff though. Vanilla difficulties are there to be fun. Following meta is usually necessary to be effective in stuff like Cata Deeds/Weaves/DWONC3+/Twitch Mode etc.